Quickly peel a hard-boiled egg by shaking it in a glass of water






If it’s really this easy I’m going to be eating a lot more hard-boiled eggs.


Might need a bigger vessel to get enough momentum to break the thicker shells of duck eggs. I will definitely try this though.


Have you tried this with a hard-boiled fresh-from-the-hen’s-butt egg, Mark?


This is one of those things that I see and think “People don’t know this already?” I always thought it was common knowledge to shake the eggs vigorously in water. I do it in the pot, though. After my eggs are done cooking, i replace the hot water with cold, let them sit for a few minutes, then cover and shake.

They don’t always come away that cleanly, but it never takes me more than a few seconds to peel an egg.


Peel eggs? But the crunchiness is the best part!


Yes, I even have these instructions in an old cookbook of mine. But, my husband had no idea that hardboiled eggs are so much easier to peel under cold water so I guess it’s news to some.


My pet snake seemed to much prefer squishy mice, but different tastes I guess.

RIP, my poor albino king snake, named David Coverdale.


And who would want to miss out on all that calcium?


If it turns out you’re supposed to peel them, I’m going to be eating a lot more hard-boiled eggs too.


Deviled eggs EVERY DAY.


I’m sure this works if you’ve cooked them in the way that gets the shell to separate from the egg cleanly in the first place: but if you do, peeling them by hand is no difficulty either. For the record, I succeed about 25% of the time…

Hmmm. “The way to succeed, and the way to peel eggs.


A neighbor of mine has chickens, and at times has such a surplus of eggs she and her husband try and come up with ways to use them. One week she made deviled eggs and ate them for lunch.

The idea of deviled eggs being something you could make for yourself, rather than something you gorge on at pot-lucks and family picnics, had never occurred to me before.


That it requires some effort and planning has saved me about six inches of belt size…


eggs in a glass you say?

Hard boiled isn’t so hard…


It’s the softer grade that is a problem. You can boil an egg for hours and it is still hard!


Ok! Ok! I’m an idiot already! I didn’t know how to cut peppers before last week and I had not heard of this method before.

But, I think an important assumption here is that the eggs were cooked in a way in the first place to be easily peeled. Not all methods of hard cooking your eggs are equal. Freshness makes a difference too.

Also, what about when you take an egg for lunch to place where you don’t have a glass, or cold water, or a sink? Huh? About then, egghead?

and, yes, I can’t wait to try this out.


To get the egg to separate from the shell when you boil them, take a needle/thumb tack/push pin and prick a hole in the fat end of the egg. Once it’s boiled you will have no problem shelling them. I bought a Cuisinart Egg Boiler (yes, there is such a thing) and they provide you with the needle to prick the egg. It works every time without fail.


Wait. There’s more than one way to … boil an egg?!

Mind. Blown.