10 products that take the annoying parts out of cooking

One of these items (the enameled pan) is actually useful.

Puppets doing product reviews! How intriguing.

Steamed eggs are pretty great, but for a little more money you can get a proper vegetable steamer that is much more versatile.

And I don’t think I realized before that the multi-blade contraption is “herb scissors”. I thought they were meant to be used as a low-budget manual paper shredder. (And they’re actually pretty crappy when it comes to that, as it takes a lot of force to push five blades through paper.)

Every single one of these products is unnecessary

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I hoped it was highly cynical. But wondering now.

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10 products that take the annoying parts out of cooking, and introduce their own versions of annoying hell.


“Dropping noodles in the sink is dinnertime tragedy”

Only if the rest of the family finds out.


Come on! The Star Wars ice tray is


Boo-hoo – my fave product for taking the annoying parts out of cooking’s not listed. It’s a…Chevy Trailblazer! Here’s how to use it for a perfect meal –

Step 1: warm up Trailblazer for about 2 minutes, engage seat belt;

Step 2: drive to the rib shack;

Step 3: say “Thank you very much!” to the nice lady.

Works every time!

  1. Salad to go container: very handy, but this isn’t for cooking…its for convenience in packing a lunch.
  2. Every single other thing is crap.

Just get better knife skills, and buy high quality kitchen knives (an 8" chef’s knife, 3-4" pairing knife, 1 good utility knife, 1 bread knife, 1 boning knife, 1 carving knife, and I personally love a 7" santoku knife - it is my go to for pretty much anything and a good honing steel). Those are all the “kitchen tools” you truly need.

The only other tools I use regularly are my micro planer, citrus reamer (just less messy and faster than using a blade), a peeler comes in handy always, have 3 tongs for cooking (2 short one steel and one rubber griped, and 1 long), wooden spoons for various duties, 1 turner/flipper, and a few rubber spatulas a various sizes, and kitchen shears (VERY handy for breaking down chicken).

For those who do not know the difference…


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Older eggs is the trick.

If you buy eggs and try to HB them within the first few days, the albumin will stick to the shell more making peeling a total PITA. However…just allow those eggs to sit in your fridge for about 7-10 days and then boil them. The albumin will have separated from the shell more and peeling should be much easier. Also using a slight trickle of running water helps too.

This is not 100% fool proof, but from my experience it is like 99% better and the only method that has seemed to ever truly work for me. Pepin also swears by popping the air cell with a push pin at the base of the egg prior to boiling…I’ve not actually done it.


Get something like this


It sits in the water with the eggs and as it warms up it changes colour (ours turns white) starting at the edges and creeping in. Perfect boiled eggs every time.


Bought these the other day (Not on Amazon. Local shop. €6.25 incl. tax), as a lark, really - but they actually do the job nicely.

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Over here, that’s called a ‘fish slice’ (despite not being used for slicing, nor exclusively for fish).

There is no rib shack within driving distance for me.


Carving Millennium Falcons out of ice by hand always was the hardest part of cooking. At last, I can make stir-fry again. Thanks, BoingBoing.


fish turners are different. The metal is much thinner and more flexible.

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Cost of dropped noodles: Negligible. Cost of kitchen gadget to prevent it: $12. Great if you’re OCD, $12 of peace of mind.

Lemme see. Assuming 2-4 noodles dropped per serving (and assume 2-3 meals per box, depending on size of meal being cooked). ~580 noodles per box, according to the intarwebs, and let’s be charitable and use more pricy pasta at $3/1lb box.

You’d have to cook 144 lbs of dried pasta to hit break even point for the cost of this tool, assuming you buy more expensive pasta.

ETA: Crap, it’s $13, and before tax. You get my point anyways.


Great use of incorporating OCD into the need for domestic economics.

Well done!


I think they missed “plate sharpener” for when you don’t have enough of cutting knives. They turn every ceramic plate into a knife. Useful, right? No, not really. Just as every item listed here.

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