Prepare to be mesmerized by this industrial egg-breaking and seperating machine

Translated from chicken:

They told us that technology would make our lives easier. We would lay the same number of eggs, but each egg would be twice as fast and and twice as easy. The time thus freed up would be spent in leisure.

That’s not how it worked out.

Oh, sure, each egg is faster and easier, but now we’re expected to lay twice as many eggs, so even though our job is now “easier than it’s ever been,” our lives have become so hectic that the so-called “egg revolution” had left us worse off than before, while the farmers see record profits!

  • Eggs-ploitation by H. Enhouse

Amazing words. I tried googling… And the first result is your post. Took you 49 minutes to become a reference. Interesting times.

Well, of course you couldn’t find it on Google in English. Rest assured, Ms. Enhouse’s work is quite a bit more popular (and much more poetic) in the original Chicken.

Thank you for your kind words, though.

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