Eight Evidence-Based Pregnancy Books for Science-Savvy Ladies


I wish a lot of those books had been available when I needed them.

Two important things I’ve learned is that it is possible for your experience and/or your child’s to not be included in any parenting book, and it’s usually best not to talk about parenting choices around other parents unless you’re very close to them.


“She also does a good job of showing how the desire for a feminist sense of autonomy and power over one’s own birth process can lead different women to make very different decisions about what the ideal birth should be — and how those decisions can be (and have been) taken up, promoted, and twisted by people with completely different agendas.” Thank you. We forget that it isn’t up to us how someone reproduces (or who does) and that includes laboring. Even I do.

As to the diverse parenting styles, I have found that children are diverse and what works for one family just doesn’t for others because of the type of kids they have, so of course the world supports wildly different approaches. If the child is fed, loved, nurtured and not being hurt that is the only criteria for it being the right way.

You all might be interested in the companion piece to this list: An essay on evidence-based healthcare and why there’s more than one way to do pregnancy “right” http://boingboing.net/2014/06/02/how-to-have-an-evidence-based.html

Thanks for this review Maggie. I’ve already read Get Me Out and thought it was really interesting. If I ever manage to get pregnant I’ll be back to check out the others!

I suggest the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, which helped me navigate all of the various symptoms I had while pregnant.


You might be interested in this science about raising a baby / child with a better memory / intelligence:


Thanks for this, Maggie. As you know, there’s a lot of woo out there.

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