"Who has seen a heavily pregnant woman since 2021?" — Naomi Wolf suggests that no one is giving birth

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Not at all relevant since Dr. Wolf seems to have nothing to do with reality: but about two weeks ago I did see a woman who was in that “any second now” stage of pregnancy.


If she was truly concerned about child mortality then maybe she shouldn’t have spread so much disinformation about vaccines.

Maybe she can start a club with Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald for people who were once widely respected progressive-leaning writers who then lost their freaking minds.


Uh, I did last Friday, my assigned nurse at urgent care. By the looks of it, she’s due in April. I haven’t really been anywhere since, being under the weather and all. :woman_shrugging:


Maybe, just maybe, people who are heavily pregnant are purposely avoiding getting anywhere near anti-vax conspiracy theorists in an effort to protect their offspring.


While my social sphere suggests those who were going to have children soon took advantage of the work at home policies and similar from a couple of years ago, I did indeed just two days ago spy a woman with what I sincerely hope was a baby due in a very few weeks. My guess is that many are, with Covid, measles, and hepatitis still considered outbreaks in the US, not going out in public, particularly where anti-vax and/or the politicians who support them lurk.


She literally thinks she is in the beginning of a “Children of Men” scenario, except can’t be bothered to do any leg work besides posting on twitter. These are not serious people.


And yet, they are managing to tear down many of the progressive changes we’ve made in the last few decades.

We dismiss them at our peril.


I see them almost every day on the subway. My parents taught me to stand up and give up my seat to them and any other people in need, such as the elderly, parents with young children, and so on.


Aside from the BS, tell us she’s living in an aging community without telling us she’s living in an aging community.

There are certain neighborhoods that, because of home prices, have become the nursery grounds for the NoVaDC area. In those areas you can see multitudes of round bellies in various states while you dodge the SUV baby carriages propelled by jogging mommies on cell phones.

She needs to get out more.


She already has lots of form with the “not doing research” thing, so this is hardly surprising.

This is so easily refuted, though. It’s less credible than even wacky conspiracy theories.


Maybe she did watch "Children of Men"and mistook it as a tv news segment…

Edited to offer @Punchcard a Guaraná.

I think it is what BBS etiquette demands.


Right. A 61-year-old working professional like Naomi Wolf is not as likely to hang out with people of childbearing age or childbearing inclination as a 26-year-old person is. Certainly not in our modern society where all kinds of artificial social barriers have been erected to isolate young families from everyone else.

It’s like a teenager asking why no one seems to be into crayons and dinosaurs anymore.


Is it really necessary to provide links to Musk’s website for these stories? That drives eyeballs and ad revenue to a person that we really shouldn’t be funding. A screenshot of the post would be just as informative for the purposes of the story.

Just in case anyone is curious about the real data on excess deaths of 0-14 year olds in Europe there’s a good official website that tracks those numbers and lets you sort and view the data in a variety of different ways. (It goes without saying that there hasn’t been a 1101% increase in excess deaths)


Is Naomi Wolf trying to get attention from the fringe by entertaining ridiculous false narratives?

Just asking a question.


There is a strong theme in the antivax conspiracy world that there are thousands of people ‘dropping dead’ without explanation. I get exposed to this nonsense every 30 or so days when my wacky antivax acquaintance gets ‘unpaused’ on my social media and get a few days of his endless posts before I put him back on pause.*

Though I have tried to engage (as have we all), there is no getting through to people.

*Not a friend so much as the parent of my kid’s good friend. Nice kid, and his mom is a gem (who secretly vaxed the kids), but dad’s a wackadoo.


They’re avoiding you


My sister in law would be relieved to hear this. She works as a pediatric nurse in a Maternity Ward. It would mean less stressful shifts. /s

I am pretty sure if births have slowed down in Central NJ she would be the first to know.


FWIW, the stream of newborns here has not slowed one bit. Of course, a number are children of Central American, Mexican and Ukranian immigrants, so she would consider that a “very bad thing.”


Yeah, bigots and whackadoodles always forget that immigration is what keeps the population of developed countries stable. That birthrates drop when education and equality are on the rise.