Eight months ago, Panera Bread was warned that they were leaking up to 7 million customers' data. They fixed it yesterday. Kinda


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What’s your phone number?



But really. what’s the worst that could happen?


They fixed it yesterday. Kinda.

Why do today, what you can put off till tomorrow.


Also, their head of info sec used to work for Equifax.


I fail to see why that’s relevant?

{note sarcasm times 10}


867-5309… I will see myself out now.


I doubt their abilities to handle bread much less my personal info.



Not so fast MISTER!


If there’s a BB detention, I’m headed there…


Pennsylvania 6-5000.


And take @GulliverFoyle with you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Creepy, nice.


I’m confused as to what 7 million people are doing with Panera Bread accounts.


5446, that’s my number. Right now, somebody else has that number.


I had/have one. Yeah, I’ve eaten there once in a while for a long time now. Very rare these days, probably been 6 months to a year. But woot, just another source of my data being prevalent, online.

I check my account balances and credit score EVERY. FUCKING. DAY.


God damn my sense of ethics buttressed by a healthy fear of prison! There are so many rich targets out there.


Ask for Mike.


Why should Panera Bread care? The consequences of even the most devastating data leak are non-existent. Until this changes, expect more of the same.