Eight-volume hardcover set collects 4.7 million Linkedin passwords in alphabetical order




I think I actually like that as a conceptual-art object. Well done.


Bartholl’s page shows his recent works and links to more of it on flickr.
I like this one very much:


as an artwork quite lame.



Linkedin had stored the passwords in cleartext


parts of the decrypted password list surfaced

The passwords could not have been both stored in cleartext and later decrypted. Which one was it?


The passwords were NOT stored in clear text. They were stored as hashes, but these hashes did not have a salt, meaning the same key can decrypt each password. Once the hash for a common password was figured out, the rest may as well have been stored in text.


I don’t actually remember my Linkedin password, I should go check it out.


I was thinking the same thing lol


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