Elaborately-detailed sculptures made from stacked sheets of laser-cut paper


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Let’s not dilute the noun "artist’ shall we. If your your hand did not physically make an object, you are a designer not an artist.


If your brain constructed that sentence, you are at best a craftsman.


Nice try, hack.


“But is it… art?” the devil whispered in their ear.


I agree. Finger painting or get out.


Providing your hand physically collected and crushed the pigments.


Please justify the use of any tool, then, by your definition of “art”.


My hand is only a tool made by my parents, so I suppose I need to get them to touch my provisional artworks.


His drawings are created using CorelDraw and are then cut on a ULS CNC laser. Each layer of paper is drawn and cut individually. His compositions are determined consciously by removing material from each sheet of paper, and pre-visualizing the sum of the layers as line, color and space.

So, hours spent researching religious art, ridiculous amounts of drawing, painstaking judgments of composition, color, and value but because he didn’t use scissors he’s not an artist. Got it.


Everything is cooler with lasers, but this art form has been around for centuries.


that must be why Subway doesn’t call their employees Sandwich Designers.


Having only recently realized I need a 12-step program to release me from my RepRap 3Dprinter addiction :-), I still feel an overwhelming need to show how that exact sculpture can be produced easily with an extrusion printer. Heck, half the print failures I get look just like those :imp:


Like a sculptor, who only removes.

Or a painter, who relocates pigments and oil.



Oh, wait- you appear to be serious.
Nevermind, then.


That’s complete bullshit. How is using a laser cutter as a tool different than using a paintbrush or a chisel?




Your comment assumes that there is no hand technique. Have you considered that the laser cuts produce VERY then lines that have to be placed (and I am assuming glued)? How is his using a laser cutter to cut paper and then post processing it from toothpick artists making things like: http://www.toothpickworld.com/gallery/? Are those folks not artists because they did not make their own toothpicks out of trees they cut down with a bowsaw or gnaw on it like a beaver?


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