Eleanor & Park: a terrifying YA romance that has rescued its readers and frightened their parents

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Last week, the National Coalition Against Censorship honored Rainbow Rowell for her refusal to be back down on the frequent challenges to her multiple-award-winning, bestselling 2013 novel Eleanor & Park. I was there, and got a copy of the novel, and have read nothing since, and now that I’ve finished it, I find myself profoundly moved.


I wish my 12 year old self had been able to read this book. I hope it continues to rescue readers for years to come.


I can imagine that the parents I had growing up would have found this book offensive as well…which tells me all I need to know about the parents who object to this book.


sounds like a fantastic book, i look forward to reading it, well if i can.
i’ll admit to crying quite a bit when reading “wonder”…


I had the liberal parents who would have decided it was good for me. Ugh. I had to read Ayn Rand to piss them off.


Some day, when librarians run the world, the tight-ass pearl-clutchers who scream “young people shouldn’t be exposed to the things in this book!” will be sat down, and calmly asked if they’ll work even half as hard to keep those things from happening in reality.


You. I like you.


I faced this attitude head-on a couple of years ago when I calmly asked a man to stop slapping his child in a restaurant. It was apparent that the man was just pissed that his 5 year old was acting, well, like a 5 year old. Confrontation by an adult resulted in a self-righteous tirade about “colleges who raise kids”, “juvenile delinquents”, “if he won’t listen to me now, he won’t listen when I tell him not to run into traffic”, and “hypocrites who just want the spankings to be done in private”.

I simply responded with: "How about asking him to sit still first instead of just hitting him right off the bat?"
His response before herding his family out the door: “I don’t have to ask. I tell!

Certainty is a powerful narcotic. Too bad people don’t realize it’s also an hallucinogen.


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