Eleanor Roosevelt on "What's My Line?" game show (1953)

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My partner used to watch this a lot on YouTube. The celebrity ones are fun, but I always liked the ones where the guest’s profession was something now largely lost to the modern world, like “carnival skirt-blowing machine operator” or “cow washer.”


Just imagine the questions/answers if our current first lady appears on such a show once she’s a former first lady.


My favorite game show. A decade or two ago, the game show network ran them all, or all they could find, from 1950 to 1967, one a night, and we would record them each night, on vcr, to watch the next day. Serial binging.

We got to know the people, and mourned with them over the deaths of fellow panelists Fred Allen and Dorothy Kilgallen, and watched the fashions ebb and flow.

I’d be willing to watch them again.


I’m old enough to remember later ones in the series from the original broadcast. I was watching them for a while recently on youtube, but mysteriously I kept getting the urge to smoke.


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