Watch Louis C.K. play Jeopardy!


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I love this guy, he’s a National Treasure.


Is there a video or something, or is the suggestion that I just watch the gif?


I got your back:


Thank you kind sir.


“…Whyyyyy did I ring in?” That was awesome.

ETA: They really pull out the easy questions for celebrity Jeopardy! I don’t consider myself all that smart and I think I might have dominated the first round the way they put huge hints in the prompts.


I happily watched the gif for 20 minutes, it made my day and I’m a better person for it. Pfft, you kids with your short attention spans.


Oh my god, for regular viewers Celebrity Jeopardy! is torturous.

Although, watching Wolf Blitzer poop the bed a few years ago was a treat, and Andy Richter is actually great. They should have him back for Tournament of Champions.


“Power Players” week has been sucking pretty hard so far, I’m surprised that Louis CK ended up doing as well as he did yesterday. I’m interested to see how Al Franken ends up doing tonight.


I swear, Teen Jeopardy is harder than this “Power Player” Celebrity Jeopardy.


I’m just impressed they got him to wear a tie.


Aaaaaaand the video is already copyblocked


Get it while it’s hot -


Yussssss :heart_eyes:


Andy Richter is a very underrated talent who had a nasty habit of appearing in sitcoms which could not be marketed well. Most of his one season wonders would have killed on Netflix or some other streaming service these days.


Am I the only person vaguely disturbed that the neither journalist knew the first casualty of war is truth?


I believe you are mistaken. There were no journalists in that video.


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