Father of Parkland victim responds to Louis CK's jokes with a "standup set" of his own

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Spot on take:

I’m crying like a baby over here. And Louis CK can go fuck himself, while jerking off.


The problem is, you can’t shame someone who has none.


The most depressing part is that there was a time when Louis CK actually seemed like a reasonably intelligent and empathetic person (at least to those who were unaware of his creepy sex stuff). Damn he’s fallen far.


I can settle for shaming club owners, TV execs and his fans. Or at the very least; dissuading them from publicly supporting him with gigs.


God damn, I just want to give this guy the biggest hug in the world.


Human composting,
Blind dick in space getting sucked into a black hole,

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A big round of applause for Hannah Gadsby’s new opening act! Funny stuff!

Please provide some specificity…this describes a whole lot more people than just Louis CK.

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Louis CK and ALex Jones are one and the same in my mind’s eye at this point


(Nobody else has yet, so…) ROGER THAT!


Sure, but be completely honest - you were never going to buy a ticket to a Louis CK show in any event, regardless of the acceptability of his apologies to the women he wronged. And so those club owners have no rational interest in listening to your point of view.

On the other hand, there appear to be a significant number of patrons who are buying tickets to the current iteration of Louis CK’s act. If those people stop buying, CK’s tour dates will dry up. But if those patrons like his current act, they are unlikely to be receptive to the progressive/social justice view.


This is actually a fairly typical pattern among a certain type of “feminist”. They’re all vocal and supportive, so long as they’re fed a steady diet of cookies, but at the first bit of criticism, they go full redpill. He’s just been very big and obvious about it.


Definitely - the so-called “nice guys” phenomenon. Honestly, I would prefer the honesty of someone who was truly opposed to my viewpoint than someone who pretended to be an “ally” until it inconveniently got in the way of his abusive actions.


Question. Who cares what they are receptive to?


I do feel like Louis CK decided that, to save his career, he should refocus on appealing to the Alex Jones fanbase (or adjacent right-wingers, anyways). Certainly the people I see rushing to CK’s defense over his “jokes” were of that type.


Comedian Sasheer Zamata (formerly of SNL) had a pretty good remix of Louis CK’s total comedy fail:

“He says that the survivors of the shootings shouldn’t be spending their time talking to Congress about gun control. Instead they should be ‘finger-fucking’ each other. But who’s to say they’re not? They can do both! They’re teenagers — of course they’re finger-fucking each other! They just know how to separate sex from work, which I understand is a hard concept for Louie to grasp. Which is ironic, because we all know how much Louie loves to grasp hard concepts.”


Stand-up Comics - each and every one of them - have no right to complain nor a leg to stand on when bitching and moaning about “censorship” unless or until each individual comic stops, ceases, ends, refuses or otherwise rejects the opportunity to perform so-called “corporate gigs”. Corporate gigs are - by definition and practice - at once lucrative as well as being rigidly censored by the corporation and/or agency funding the gig. Comics must sign specific contract addenda that specify language, topics and other subject matter that will be forbidden during the contracted performance - under penalty of forfeiture of pay as well as other potential liabilities.

Over the course of the past decade (actually, much longer really), the discourse surrounding the censorship of comics has - despite is cacophonous volume - been absolutely silent with regard to comics’ willful self-censorship when baited with lucrative corporate paydays.

It’s not that I’m unsympathetic, it’s that I’m disgusted by the rank dishonesty.

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He at the very least focused on “fighting back” against “PC culture” and youths of America.