WATCH: Louis C.K.'s SNL monologue on racism, child molesters, Israel vs. Palestine

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Too far, only if you’re a Teabagger…

PS. this has nothing to do with Louis C.K.


Pretty solid from where I’m sitting. Confessional, funny, envelope-pushing, nice stuff.


I found it funny.

My only real problem was trying to decide if he just couldn’t pronounce “Mars bar” properly. Xeni’s text and a quick google helped me out. A Mounds bar is similar to a Bounty.


I was laughing, but then I’m being an insensitive asshole :wink: I’d say it could’ve gone really bad but he pulled it off.


He pulled it off. All the potentially mean things were deflected to the appropriate actors in the jokes.


I was offended at the outrageous lie he told.

No one likes Mounds bars. At all. They were invented to punish trick-or-treaters.


Thank God we still have a few comics who don’t mind being offensive. Imagine someone making “Blazing Saddles” in the current media environment.


He’s touched on this subject before without much backlash. Now people are getting around to being offended; that’s just lazy jump-on-the-bandwagon outrage.


Children fighting like Israel and Palestine is mucho controversial? Pretty mild. No one has any qualms about making Germany/Poland jokes but Israel and Palestine is such a problem? America *shakes head


Didn’t see any lines bee crossed. Then again Doug Stanhope & Frankie Boyle are fine by me so I’m not a real ‘offended by comedy’ type.


The only outrage I could rustle up was the way he pretended he couldn’t afford separate rooms for his children.

[Disclaimer: I have no knowledge whatsoever of Louis C.K.'s life, family status, or location, nor am I in any way familiar with the property prices either in his location or in the United States as a whole. This in no way infringes on my inalienable right to feel outrage on this or any other issue.]


I think the main question here is whether we now believe that an SNL opening monologue that risks offending is a bad thing. I know that the whole “Saturday Night Dead” thing is a cliche unto itself, but since the 40th anniversary of the show has been trumpeted all year, maybe that’s worth revisiting.


A white person admitting in this supposedly postracial time that he still harbors racist feelings is kinda edgy, but his examples seemed, hmm, TOO mild. The rest seems like edginess for the sake of edginess, like something he did on a bet or a dare.

Meh, I’m seen him do better, getting controversial for a reason, or pushing the boundaries of comedy so that it verges over into something else, in a way that makes a good point.


Not far enough.

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That is a great scene. I don’t really know how to say this… So bear with me… I like his depiction of his relationships with women. Not because I like what he is doing (it is usually cringe worthy, or worse) but it shines a light on the insensitive assholish moments even the best intentioned of us have.

And he doesn’t mask it, or make excuses. It hangs there like an exposed raw nerve.


Ack… Best. Candy. Ever.

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I’ve often pointed out someone’s rationalizations for doing some rotten thing over and over and over because it supposedly someone else’s fault, when really it’s obvious they just enjoy doing it.

Although I could be wrong, not being any kind of expert, I think child molesters enjoy being child molesters because that’s the way their brains are wired. My brain is wired to like having sex with women. Theirs is wired to like having sex with, say, young boys. In other words, it’s their sexual orientation.

Years ago authorities in Cincinnati, Ohio were talking about doing an indefinite civil commitment of a child molester because, although he’d already served his jail sentence, he simply would not guarantee that he would stop molesting children. Which is how I came to that conclusion.

Which is not to say that anyone has to have sex in the first place. One does have the choice of not having sex at all, regardless of one’s urges.

Anyway, it’s absolutely wild that Louis C.K. would bring this up during a monologue on SNL. Good for him.

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Word on the street (internet) is that Louie likes to whip his dick out and masturbate in front of unsuspecting women.

But the monologue was tight.

p.s. Xeni: He said child molesters must like it more than he likes mounds bars.

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