5 women accuse Louis C.K. of sexually abusive behavior

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"The stories told by the women raise sharp questions about the anecdotes that Louis C.K. tells in his own comedy. He rose to fame in part by appearing to be candid about his flaws and sexual hang-ups, discussing and miming masturbation extensively in his act — an exaggerated riff that some of the women feel may have served as a cover for real misconduct. "

I used to like him, but most of his jokes about male sexuality struck me as cultural rationalizations for bad behavior at best, and big red flags about his own behavior at worst.


Oh great; another thread about this that’s probably gonna go clusterfuck, because some people just have to be contrary twunts and defend bad behavior.


Well, i don’t think bad behavior is bad necessarily. It’s just bad. Wait, I’m not making things better, am I?

This does make me sad. I’m not exactly a “fan,” but he’s never failed to make me laugh. I guess I missed the masturbatey parts.


“Look, we shouldn’t rush to get the pitchforks out just because five credible witnesses came forward to formally accuse a man of behavior he’s long been rumored to have engaged in on a regular basis. Have you considered the possibility that all these women are saying these things just for the joy of being publicly demonized as lying whores?”


I am just going to add some soothing music to what is undoubtedly going to be a tense and terse thread:


Godammit. I really want this not to be true.

But it looks it probably is.


Wow. That story is super depressing. I’m not a fan or super familiar with his comedy; I’ve just seen some things that I thought were funny. But I do know he’s gotten more than a little sanctimonious on issues surrounding racism, sexism, and other -isms, so if any bit of it is true…wow, dude, sit down and shut up, you’re done.

And it makes me hyper-depressed, too. You know, men who are outspoken about feminism, I’ve spoken up for you before. I’ve run into the people who say that you have to distrust the allies the most, and that you have to suspect the intentions, and so on, and I took umbrage at that. Some of us, while we may not be perfect ourselves, speak up about how women are treated because we honestly fucking care about women being treated like the human beings they are. But the depressing regularity of these kinds of allegations makes me think that we need to have each and every Nice Guy Male Feminist, any Nice White Guy who gets all up in people’s faces about isms, and find out what the fuck they’re doing when they’re not in the public eye.

EDIT: And yeah, I know there’s some Nice White Feminist Guys who post on the BBS and on BB. I don’t fucking care. Save the Not All Men arguments for later. If you’re doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about, right?


It blows my mind how some people constantly whine about “pitchforks” and alleged ‘mob mentality,’ when others are simply verbally expressing their dismay with the current status quo; where being a White man with a lot of money means that they can perpetually (and literally) fuck over ‘less important’ people, and everyone around them will just ignore it… because they have more to gain from enabling them, than from doing the right thing.

It’s disheartening as fuck, not to mention mind-numbingly tedious…


Yep. I think I’m going to tap out for the day. I could hum this tune in my sleep.


But of course; it’s a broken record, and the tune never fuckin’ changes.


God fucking dammit. I hope he owns up, and faces whatever hell he’s created for himself.


“And obviously Louis C.K. apologized to one of his alleged victims via Facebook message as an elaborate sting operation to catch Keyser Söze. It’s the simplest explanation!” /s


I’m not surprised by any of the names that have come forth so far; Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven and Louis C.K… So, who’s next? My money is on Dustin Diamond and/or Guy Fieri.


Labels are pretty useless, as is any moral compass that changes direction depending on who’s watching. Far better to follow your own moral code so that however others respond to it, you’re true to yourself.


You do realize that’s a favorite phrase of fascists? Next exit: Road to Hell.



Oh… :unamused:


You are an anarchist and you just don’t know it yet :wink:


He is one of my favorite comics. But I’ve heard these rumors years ago, and knew that odds are they would shake out some day. Hope he gets his shit together.

Just to give a clear statement: Given the report and its sources (now that we have it), I consider the account and accusations credible and I think what C.K. did is plain wrong. He should be ashamed/shamed for it and, to the degree that his behavior was against the law, punished as well.