Louis C.K. film premiere abruptly canceled as NYT story expected to break. Women have accused him of sexual assault


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Question: If everyone is guilty of sexual harassment and assault, does it cancel out?


Him too…?


Is there just no end to this ugliness? Humanity at it’s worst.


If the “relationship” between the 17 and 68 year old is in any way romantic or sexual, or even hints at that, then sounds like an icky film anyway.


No, of course not.




I’m guessing in regards to this…


OK, who’s next?

Tom Hanks? Jeff Goldblum? Barack Obama? Mr. Rogers? The guy who invented ice cream?

Might as well get it all out now while we’re still numb.


The plot of the film is basically a “turnabout is fair play” kind of deal where an enabler finds his daughter being drawn to the enabled. Yeah… icky. Also, funny, but uncomfortably so.


If we’re honest with ourselves, it won’t really be a big surprise if C.K. turns out to be a creep. I’d put him on the Kevin Spacey end of the spectrum in terms of people who are known in the business to be someone you don’t want to be alone in a room with.


Stories have been circulating for years now on blogs and such that he has a reputation of inviting female comics to his dressing room before/after a show, and him being ready and waiting masturbating.


Honest question but are these proven incidents or just accusations? Also if more than one person makes an accusation do we immediately assume the accused is guilty?

I’m genuinely glad to see this sort of thing coming to the fore but i must admit to not reading the finer details of many, hence the questions.


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Louis C K is an abuser… we already know that he’s damaged and not a very nice person; his act, his whole reputation depends on that and a lot of his art stems from that. I mean, I you watch something like Horace and Pete and you get the impression that the dude who wrote that shit lived it.

That said, I think he’s been taking steps to insulate himself from the fallout of predilections… look at how stuff like H & P or I :heart: U Daddy are produced and marketed… all on his own dime and in secret.


I hate to say this but it won’t really surprise me (though it would disappoint me) if Malkovich is outed next. He’s worked with a number of high-profile Hollywood figures now accused of sexual harassment. Playing a creepy sex predator probably isn’t a good look on him right about now.



Bring all the sexually harassing fuckers down.


There’s been rumors about this before, so I wasn’t surprised to read this.


The trailer for “I love you Daddy” is very off, I’m not amused by it one bit.


If even one person makes an accusation, then it should be grounds for investigation. All rape and/or sexual harassment accusations should be taken seriously.


Oh, come on! We all known women lie, so that’s why it has to be like dozens of women before we can take them seriously on sexual harassment…


We assume in this country that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Here’s an honest question for you. Do you assume every statement is a lie until it’s proven to be true?