Louis C.K. says "these stories are true"

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aaaaaaand scene.


Props for the honesty. Deserves shame regardless.


Well, good for him; you rarely see such a straightforward admission.


So the comedian steps back from his career a moment and writes an honest remorseful letter to the public to address media accusations while the politician vehemently denies and ignores the recommendations of their peers.


Yeahhhh… But, therein lies the rub. If he didn’t own this, it’d be the end of his career and his brand of comedy.

Even so, it is possible he’s subtly trying to change the narrative to that effect, “I never did it without asking first”.

I’ll wait until I see what shakes out of this before I give him props.


This is how to own your actions. At least he has set an example for other abusers.


It should probably be the end of his career regardless.


Guess he should just retire?

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He doesn’t have to retire if he doesn’t want to.

I’m sure there are toilets that need scrubbing somewhere.


It may well be.

Besides the Movie premiere being cancelled, he’s been dropped from HBO’s upcoming comedy benefit, and Netflix has cancelled a comedy special deal.


I’m not sure it is. He refused to discuss the issue in the past when asked point blank. He was forced into discussing it because of the Times story, but I don’t think that’s all that redeeming.


His brand of comedy, for him at least, is done.


actually, I would like to see him continue to work in hollywood. If his admission and ownership of his issues are genuine…he can use his position and status to help bring light to the problem that clearly is pervasive. He could champion victims to speak out. He could work through an intermediary and establish a pattern of trust and good faith. He can help bring awareness and more importantly CHANGE.

Yes, sometimes some criminals need to be locked away…but not all. Some can be instrumental in effecting change.


Comedian Louis C.K. admitted today that he masturbated in front of women.



If the second paragraph of his admission is true, this is enough for me to keep enjoying his comedy. The acts that have now come to light are bad but do not make him beyond redemption.

However, I’ll keep following this to hear rest of the story. People always have the potential to disappoint you more.


His whole career, as he points out, has been being able to say anything he wants. That’s what made him funny (to some). That’s his brand, and it’s over for him. Remember his SNL monologue in 2015 about child molestation? Um, yeah, he would be stoned now if he tried something like that. Can he even be funny now if he has to censor himself? Perhaps as a writer or something else behind the scenes, but will anyone want him there? Guess time will tell but I suspect much of his career is done as we already see from the mass cancellations of his work.


Yeah, I’d have felt much more positive about this if he’d confessed that he’d done what he’d did and apologized before the exposé in the Times. I mean, about when Gawker was publishing the rumours would have been ideal, but maybe when Tig Notaro was calling him out on it would have suited me fine as well.

Now, after Weinstein, after #Metoo has exploded, he still waits until the victims come forward, naming themselves, then you’re sorry? Too little too late is my immediate reaction.


See, I didn’t feel that he was trying to change the narrative so much as undermining the argument used by so many others.

"But what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question. "

That statement right there, that is truth. That is at the heart of so many cases of abuse of power, and points to why so many seek to justify their actions with something being “consensual” rather than coercion. It seems that he is at least willing to admit the difference.

The best thing about this though is that he simply stepped up and said yes, he had done these things. He didn’t try to put these women through the wringer for stepping forward, he didn’t attack them, or attempt to challenge their legitimacy. These women bravely stepped forward and weren’t forced to endure that additional indignation.

This situation is awful. CK’s statements don’t make it better. But he could’ve made it so much worse…and didn’t.


I’m disappointed Louis C.K. didn’t employ any of the fine arguments from the other thread:

  1. They came to my hotel room- a place oozing sexual possibility; and
  2. Not like I raped anyone, it was only masturbation for god’s sake, grow a pair.