Election deniers have claimed nearly two-thirds of GOP nominations for positions with authority over elections

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Get ready to sue any of these candidates that actually win their races and then refuse to do their jobs correctly.



If any win their races, they should be immediately challenged in court as being unable to perform their duties, and their own words being used as evidence.

At the very least, courts should order monitoring and oversight so that they cannot even start to put their thumbs on the scales.

Advocacy groups need to be proactive. As we learned in 2000, waiting until they’ve already pulled shenanigans is too late.


These positions presumably have oaths of office. My concern is that the clever ones will have worded their dog whistles and other statements in such a way that a right leaning court (ahem, the Supreme Court) has a way to weasel out of forcing them to uphold their oaths. At this point there should be an all court press to fight those elections hard. They are arguably more critical than even the national elections in my opinion.


If elected, these candidates will never certify another Democratic win again.

That’s exactly right. It’s why these are the most important midterms in decades, if not longer. The future of liberal democracy is at stake and I hope enough people agree with your assessment to get out and vote.


In places where the Democrats have a chance, they have to hammer home that if these people get elected, they can not be certain their vote will count in their state. If the people in office to not stand up for election integrity, then democracy is doomed. No hyperbole.

Sadly, I am sure there are certain states were the Republican is the shoe in, but maybe the apathetic and independents can be swayed.


This and the many chain reactions it could cause terrifies me to no end. For example, if it leads to an illegitimate hard right president that tries to press coastal states with the backing of an extremist supreme court things could start degrading fast.


What could possibly go wrong?

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This is dire. And how many of those states have Republican governors, majority Republican legislatures or even trifectas?

I’ll say it again, this is truly dire.


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Cool, another thing I can’t do a damn thing about short of moving somewhere immediately in one of these districts and hoping my vote counts in time.

For people who don’t live in already heavily D areas (and of course DC and various territories which have no real representation), please get yourselves the Hell out and vote.


We all have to vote this year and in 2024, even if it means holding our noses for another Third-Way Dem. This is about turning out to confirm the legitimacy of American liberal democracy everywhere in the country.


Oh yeah that I’m very in concurrence with. I was noting that I live in an already very blue area with a popular Congressman and fairly well liked local/state folks who are up for reelection. I intend to vote for all of them again and not rest on my laurels, because that would be insane.

It’s the rest of the state/country where things may be a bit more in the balance or heavily red that I can’t do anything about.


It’s probably worth throwing some donation money (if you can spare it) to Fair Fight and orgs like them, who are the most likely ones to directly challenge anti-democracy candidates in court.


Thank you for that reminder, which is an absolutely useful suggestion when I otherwise feel powerless.


Oh, boy. This means City/County Clerk races are on the table. These lower-level election officials are just as important as the State level position for protecting the integrity of our votes! This is not a Chicken Little scenario, this is an End of Liberal Democracy in the US scenario.


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