Lindsey Graham threatens Democrats: "If this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees"

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Why? Is every SCOTUS nominee controlled by the pursestrings of those who pay their gambling debts?

Big laugh coming from a man who was paid 4x by the Russians as much as Kavanaugh’s debt was covered.

Perhaps the American citizens can perform some actions to make sure that foreigners paying for their elected representatives to work against Americans is not the new norm?

  1. Find office numbers of two senators and one rep.
  2. Call. Say no Kavanaugh, because elections, and protect Mueller.
  3. Extra points: find creepy donors or FARA connections. Mention them.
  4. All offices. Remind them you OWN THIS DEMOCRACY.

Extra credit for those with extra time, resources and righteous fury: Call their donors. Get the list from Always be calm and polite.

The following US Senators would benefit from your input:

Susan Collins 202-224-2523
Lisa Murkowski 202-224-6665
Heidi Heitkamp 202-224-2043
Joe Manchin 202-224-3954
Joe Donnelly 202-224-4814
Jake Flake 202-224-4521
Bob Corker 202-224-3344


So, he’s saying that Dr Ford is lying, and next time the Dems nominate someone, the GOP will find people to lie on their behalf, a tit-for-tat thing? Because that’s what it sounds like.


Oh for the love of fuck. Hey, Graham, you remember Neil Gorsuch? The guy who got onto the Supreme Court after you assholes wouldn’t schedule a hearing for Merrick Garland during the last year of Obama’s presidency?

Yeah, Gorsuch. He got on without any problems. Gorsuch is a hack, and will be a shitty Supreme Court Justice. But he was a clean hack, and didn’t lie to Congress, and didn’t have anybody who remembered being assaulted by him thirty years ago. It’s a goddamn low bar, but even Gorsuch managed to get over it.


Okay kids this is what we do in just over a month…


I think something about a man’s character is revealed by the fact that he would consider this a threat.


This, times a thousand.


Graham so desperately wants to be besties with Trump. It’s pitiful.


If the Dems put up a rapey candidate, I’m OK with the GOP torpedoing them.


The reason this “Never happens to democrats” is 1. Democratic priciples don’t celebrate biblical family values like rape and incest.

And 2. Because democrats don’t think rape isn’t a big deal.


Ignoring the occasion changes in size for simplicity’s sake; let’s put a round number out there:

In the 229 years of its operation the supreme Court has had 113 justices. Basically .49 justices per year. If you have to relax your recruitment standards to fill that kind of demand you are doing something abjectly wrong.


Says the asshole who participated in blocking Merrick Garland for a whole year.


Good, because when that inevitably leaks there will be actual criminal charges.


And then later, in committee:


Oh, what are you going to do, Lindsey? Block the next Democratic SCOTUS nominee like you did the last one? Like we expect anything else from you scumbags?


Wow, even Kavanaugh looks uncomfortable.


Also he seems to have forgotten that Al Franken was on the Judiciary Committee with him…


I think Lindsey Graham needs to look out for his own interests as it is. It’s clear that this entire situation backfired on their nominee and it’s really a question of whether they’re willing to face backlash for approving a known rapist and drunkard. It’s really not going to end well for them since it’s college educated white women that are a major segment of their voting base. If they lose that they might lose some key elections for the House. If that happens they can kiss goodbye any kind of rubber stamping of budgets from the House for at least two years. And they can expect when the Democrats inevitably get back Congress and POTUS they’ll just go ahead with court packing (not my favorite option but inevitable and probably needed to be honest). They could’ve taken the smart route by nominating a moderate or someone center-right/left. But nope, they chose to go all in on their evangelical nonsense. This is on them, not anyone else. They chose… poorly.


Wait, why is this a bad thing? It’s like saying “if you try keep our rapists from being elevated we’ll do the same for your rapists.”

Um, good?

Somehow I doubt this is what he actually was going for.


As a Nation, we all need to get off our collective asses and VOTE! It’s not somebody else’s job, it’s our Democracy, our Nation, our responsibility to elect competent / effective / trust worthy persons to office.

PS. Graham is POS from hell. Votes consistently against legislation for Women / Minorities / Veterans / Poor. Get him gone!