Georgia's GOP Secretary of State says Lindsey Graham, GOP chair of Senate Judiciary, pressured him to toss out legal votes

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Republicans eating their own. Just in time for senate runoff elections in Georgia. They can’t be good for their candidates.



I don’t doubt it. Graham has a disgusting lust for power.

He’s the kind of guy who’d carve his own eyes and the eyes of his children out with a grapefruit spoon if he thought it’d keep him in power.

He also has a reputation as a star fucker. He’ll suck up to anyone and say anything for position.


Maybe somebody should be down in South Carolina checking LG ballots.

Sure there is nothing to see down there.


I hope the good people of SC are pleased they returned this cretin to the Senate for another 6 years. $1,080,000 or so in taxpayer dollars, for that.


Graham still hasn’t been tested for Covid; he likely has it, and it’s possible that he won’t live that long.


Only the good die young. He may outlive us all.


Isn’t suggesting that someone commit a felony, a felony?

Oh, it was rigged alright…
Rampant gerrymandering, voter i.d. laws, voter suppression, monkeying with the USPS, etc, etc.
The GOP has done its damnedest to rig this and every other election for decades. They can’t win an honest election and they know it. I will be surprised if they and/or Lord Dampnut don’t come up with some additional fuckery in the next two months.

Voter fraud in this country does exist, (Lord Dampnut commits it himself by claiming Mara Lago as his residence for voting purposes; this violates the agreement he made when he bought the place) but it is so rare as to be statistically insignificant.

Election fraud, however, is rampant.

As for LG: keep on not wearing your mask, buddy. Your replacement will be appointed sooner than you think.


He has access to the good healthcare he wants to keep from people who actually work for a living. So maybe, but his odds are better than your average bear, probably even after accounting for his tendency for reality denial. If he coughs he is going to get a test. His lack of testing just means he is more likely to kill someone else.


well, after all there are only a small number of people smart enough and moral enough to be trusted with determining the direction of the country.

i’m certain this is how they must justify it to themselves. :confused:

( and really, it’s just “coincidence” that those people are all extremely wealthy, white, cis gendered, bigoted men. )


I noticed we didn’t have one of these for Lindsey


Somehow this makes his face less punchable - not by much though


modz r asleep, post Lindsey Graham/Mitch McConnell COVID death fantasies

Guarantee Graham thought he was safe asking for fraud from a fellow Republican. Like Trump, their own corruption tricks them into thinking that everyone else is also corrupt. “I’m just playing the game we’re all playing,” is the mindset, it seems.


I suspect that wasn’t done for voting purposes, but because Florida law protects the primary residence in bankruptcy cases.


Smart, moral and patriotic people who have the best interests of the country in mind and understand that this means defying the wishes of the traitorous majority, because the proles will just vote to give themselves free stuff and ruin the wealth creators. /s


As disgusting as bullies are, their toadies are even more repulsive. Graham is a textbook case.

He’s more worried about kompromat forcing him out the moment he stops being useful to these thugs.


someone should look to see if legal votes were tossed in south carolina. lindsey graham’s neck-and-neck race turned into a ten-point route there somehow.


Only, I think, because I wouldn’t want any part of my body anywhere near that monstrosity. The shop doesn’t help much.

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my wish is that after another long day of doing fearless leader’s wetwork on the hill, and after the maskless cocktail parties, ole linz goes home and pours another drink with shaky hands. sits in his club chair with tears rolling down on his face, wondering when they are going to turn on him. in the movies at least, the toadies always get it right before the end.