Lindsey Graham begs for money as he chokes on tears in humiliating pitch (video)

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Imagine how 2015 Lindsey Graham would have reacted if someone could travel back in time and show him the above video.





Either Trump is guilty or not.

If he’s not guilty then he has nothing to worry about in court, he can afford pricey lawyers, he can afford travel time and time off work (whatever that means for him), unlike the average American citizen.

To say it’s “selective” over and over implies there’s some guilty Democrat out there who they willingly ignored prosecuting, which I very much doubt-- they (the GOP) would have loved to put Hillary or Obama in jail or even just optics of them in court defending themselves.


I don’t think he was choking on tears there. It was a little schmutz from 45’s boots.


When I was about 7, my older brother found out that my friends and I smoked cigarettes (didn’t inhale). After that, every time I went to tell my parents about something he did, my brother would sing the song ‘Smokin’ by Boston and I’d let it go. It worked for about 6 years.

I think d trump caught lindsey ‘smokin’ and now he’ll do or say everything trumps wants.


The argument that this is “legal garbage” is just …I don’t even have a word for it. Nonsense seems insufficient. I read the statement of facts. There was a conspiracy involving four people or entities: Michael Cohen, the Trump Organization (with direct involvement of Allen Weisselberg and Donald Trump), and American Media (parent company of the National Enquirer, with direct involvement of David Pecker). Cohen pled guilty to federal charges for this scheme. Weisselberg pled guilty to state charges for this scheme. American Media and Pecker agreed to fully cooperate in return for immunity from prosecution for their role in this scheme. The only thing political about charging Donald Trump for his involvement in this scheme is that he was NOT charged federally for it. And he still might be. Four entities involved in an illegal conspiracy. Three of them take plea deals, with two of them serving jail time, and the fourth being charged is politics? The only explanation for his not being charged in federal court already is politics. Biden doesn’t want to touch this with a 100 foot pole before the 2024 election, and I honestly can’t say that’s a bad decision for him. It would be nice if such things didn’t need to be taken into account.


“If he’s not guilty then he has nothing to worry about in court…” Really? Does this apply to defendants in general, or just Oompa Loompa shaped defendants?


Did you read the rest of the paragraph about relative privilege? The legal process in America suffers from corruption, not complete lack of a fairness principle. Vulnerable people have things to worry about, shape notwithstanding, Trump is not vulnerable.



Not the one I thought you were going to fill in.

I assumed this one:


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Yours is even more fitting, for sure.


What a pathetic little toady Sen. Huckleberry L.G. Freeloader is. More repulsive in some ways than the bullying narcissist he carries water for in exchange for free meals and rounds of golf (and assurances that the kompromat won’t be released).


From Josh Marshall at TPM (link may be paywalled):

" Many who worry that the legal arguments of this case aren’t strong enough argue that if the case gets watered down or thrown out on a legal technicality that that will just confirm the beliefs and add power to the arguments of those who say the legal system is already a sham, biased against conservatives and worse. So in this sense, it’s not just that the case may fail. It’s that its possible failure will empower those already trying to tear down civic democracy, the concept of impartial justice and the rule of law.

That’s flawed reasoning. Prosecutors shouldn’t bring marginal cases or those they don’t believe in in any case — not for ex-presidents and not for street criminals. I hope the legal theory of this prosecution is robust because the underlying offenses are serious and deserve accountability. It’s fundamentally about a conspiracy to undermine the integrity of the 2016 election. (Let’s remember that one of Trump’s accomplices already did jail time for just part of this criminal conduct.) But if they don’t survive judicial scrutiny, that’s the rule of law too. That’s okay. The rule of law is a set of agreed upon processes, not agreed upon outcomes. I don’t buy the argument that the rule of law cannot survive the rule of law working in Trump’s case. That doesn’t make sense."


He is such a sniveling toady.

Also, it irks me that “Banana Republic” is just thrown around when it really doesn’t fit the situation at all. It’s a buzz word made to illicit thoughts of poor Central and South American countries, but has no bearing on what is actually going on.

Unless the 'bananas" in this situation is an economy based on right wing grifting.


“You too, can adopt a Trump. Please help.”



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He’s quite literally the most priviledged defendant in the history of the United States. Two of his co-conspirators have already been convicted and one has already served prison time while this defendent was President..


Does anyone have a Barbie meme ready for Lindsey’s new look?

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