Electric cars must now emit engine-tones at low speeds


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Maybe I should add that to my bike too. A low, threatening growl to scare everyone in the bike lane.


I’m on board with this idea.

Jaws theme perhaps?


Playing card in the spokes. Done.

Okay…maybe not growly enough



I almost got hit by a low speed Prius that was driving where it shouldn’t have been, and came up behind me as I walked. Scared the shit out of both me and the driver when I changed my path into its path without seeing it because it was behind me.


Jetsons car sounds.


My wife’s 2013 (I think) Prius V came with this. It sounds like some kind of Star Trek engine effect, a sort of oscillating whirr-hum, and the pitch and volume are speed-dependent in coarse steps.


Cars have been “enhancing” engine noise artificially for years.


Why don’t we have them emit the sweet scent of partially combusted hydrocarbons while we’re at it?


I started playing music through my phone’s internal speakers whenever I bike, after one too many pedestrians jaywalked right in front of me while looking in the opposite direction. A fair amount of the music could be described as a low, threatening growl. It works.


Just in case anybody is wondering “how oblivious can somebody be to not see a car”:

An 80-year-old man finishing a half marathon was killed yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale.


Isn’t that murder on the battery life?


I knew this was coming. Can we have some fun with this? Does it have to be a real engine sound? Cell phones no longer ring like real phones with bells. I think I would have it sound like a Jetsons car. Oh oh, or a TIE Fighter. Or some cartoon jalopy sound with horns and bonks and ratchet sounds. Or a hydraulic stomping mech sound. If we can do that, I think they just sold me on an electric car.

Here are some ideas:


I haven’t really noticed that to be the case. It’s certainly not as bad as wifi usage or playing some games with no sound.


Or the Imperial March. Or the theme from Speed Racer. Or the launch sounds from a Saturn 5. I’m thinking that just like ringtones, there is a market here.


Yeah, my 2014 Prius C does this.

It’s not quite enough. People will still walk directly in my way in parking lots and then suddenly turn around, startled to realize there’s a car behind them.


I would want mine to emit a polite cough


As a Midwesterner, I love this idea.


Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries?


But think of the possibilities. The theme from “Jaws”? the sound of chickens?