This car horn for bikes gets drivers' attention


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the pro version ; )

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My motorcycle has a 135dB horn, believe me when I hit the go button they hear it. Use all tools necessary to get home safe.


I have an air horn that can be re-pressurized with my bike pump and weighs a hell of a lot less than this contraption must.

It’s as loud as those emergency canned air horns are.


Why do you need a horn over 3x as loud as a car horn? Are you trying to cause permanent hearing loss of pedestrians?


it’s spec’d to the Pee Wee Herman standard. swing on down to Chuck’s Bike-O-Rama, they’ll hook you up. ask for Dottie.

@logruszed link?


I’m just shy of 50 years in the saddle of a motorcycle. I’d like to see 60 or 70 years, if I don’t get hit and run by another a-hole on their cell phone. Hence, it’s all in the dB’s to get some respect on the road.


Something similar has been around for a few years:
Not quite the same thing as a speaker, but effect is largely the same, for a fraction of the cost.


Yes, that is a nice unit for the cost.


Even a fucking siren on an ambulance is 120 dB - or less than half as loud of your pain horn. You are literally inducing hearing damage in people unnecessarily.


This is basically the same as mine, but I think mine must be older as I can only find pictures of it and not the actual horn for sale. So I think this is the new model:


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I’ve always wanted to have one that sounded like a car locking up its brakes for jaywalkers who walk in front of traffic without even looking.


Was also going to rec this. Good going. Way more affordable and versatile.


I’ve got a claimed 139dB Stebel Nautilus horn in my motorcycle, and while it’s the right amount of loudness, it never fails to amaze me how people don’t react to it. Better than nothing, but doesn’t cure stupidity.


The air-zound is a great option if you need something cheaper.
Advantages of Loud Mini (besides louder volume) are:

  • sounds like a car, so drivers react most fast
  • broadband frequency allows easier recognition of where the sound comes from
  • remote trigger for braking/steering while honking
  • honk 4 months on a single charge


No joke, research shows that people react just as fast to screeching tires as they do to the sound of a car horn. Unfortunately it is more difficult to project that sound at 125db unless you are actually driving a car and screeching your tires :stuck_out_tongue:


React, sure, but how? I considered putting a big rig air horn in my car once, but I figured people would react, and be looking for the big rig rather than my little car. So I’m wondering to what degree the attention getting sound needs to be appropriate to the vehicle you are riding for maximum efficacy rather than merely getting the attention of other drivers and possibly making them overlook you.


What is the total weight and where is the load?

I think the answer to those questions are going to rule out of lot of enthusiasts. I can’t see someone who just bought a P3 carbon with full aero strapping this to their bars. This might seem like an extreme example, but literally everyone I know who bikes for a commute gets real serious about weight (ok they don’t buy Triathalon bikes as a rule) and handling.


People react reflexively and brake/steer away before they look, but don’t hear it from me (obviously biased) here are customers talking about their experience (note I skipped to the key part)