What type of person are you? Depends on how you react to an obnoxious bike horn (video)

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They forgot the most common one, at least around here: People with earphones or headphones on and ignoring any honk, bell, or shout. It boggles my mind - it’s almost like walking down a busy road with your eyes closed.

There are also variants with people walking their pets: The mindful who bring their pets closer to let others pass or those who don’t listen and let their pets wander right into others’ path.


Headphone Harold wore his headphones
Through the night and through the day.
He said, “I‘d rather hear my music
Than the dumb things people say.”
In the city’s honkin’ traffic,
He heard trumpets ‘stead of trucks.
Down the quiet country back roads
He heard drums instead of ducks.
Through the patterin’ springtime showers
He heard guitars instead of rain.
Down the track at the railroad crossin’
He heard the trombones–not the train.


One test to rule them all.


Forget the attribution, but ‘Hercules workshopped over 300 labors before settling on the 12.’


You know it used to be a safety/courtesy habit to alert the pedestrian folk.


What type of cyclist are you? Depends on how you deploy an obnoxious bike horn.


If you’re biking down the street and 17 different people overreact to how you’re honking at them…


That’s some quality acting from our Pedestrian.

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Okay, that was great, and not what I expected at all, thanks @Carla_Sinclair !


Over here in Manchester, UK, it’s more usual for bicycles to have bells.
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Isabel who?
Isabel necessary on a bicycle!
Currently, damn few people use them. When I cycled, about thirty years ago, the obnoxious bicycle horn was louder and more effective as a warning than the tentative bicycle bell. One chap I knew fitted a dynamo to his pushbike to power a motor horn. It worked, but I could see it took a lot of effort on his part. I regularly walk my dogs down the old railway track (“The Linear Path”) which used to be a pedestrian footpath, but when the government, bless it, decided that the country needed six thousand miles of bicycle track with no funding the Old Railway Track overnight became a pedestrian and cycle track. Some riders take it as an easy pace, and that’s not a problem. In the morning, though, others regard it as a rush-hour rat-run, and pedestrians and dogs as expendible hazards. Not long ago, a character on a bike with a huge front carrier (with two kids in it!) damn near ran down my dog. He now barks at the bicycles if they come from the opposite direction, and, well, I’ll back him up in that. The latest version of the UK Highway Code (which all road users, including pedestrians, are supposed to follow) states clearly that everyone has a duty of consideration to other road-users. That’s where these cyclists fail.


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