When Cyclists clash

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Some people are a-holes, some people are good Samaritans. Some of each ride bicycles.

Cyclomachy does have a nice Hellenic ring to it though. :grin:


I was not prepared for that british one. That was a scream on par with Wilhelm and Howie


Nearly identical.

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Heh. My one cycle crash was with a brit. There was a narrow place where the bike trail crossed a very small road. We were both going a bit fast, and ended up kind of head on. So I swerved, to the right of course, in the american custom. He swerved, to the left of course, in his exotic foreign way. I thought, as he swerved the wrong way before we crashed “probably English”. So we went down. I bumped my knee. Nothing serious, but it hurt and I was a bit wobbly getting up. And in a fairly thick british accent “are you ok?”.


I have recently started cycling again, and the worst thing on the roads and paths is other cyclists. Last week I was on a narrow shared path with trees on both sides when a cyclist came towards me head down. I shouted, stopped and got out of the way because he just kept going at full speed. If It had been a mother and toddler there would have been an accident.
English cyclists seem to be people who think they are (a) in cars but (b) don’t have to slow down or look where they are going. Which has caused recent fatalities and is why the law is likely to be changed to cover them with the same laws that apply to car drivers.


“Salmoner” that’s a good word for it!

I’ve been cycling to work everyday for the past couple of months and man… Nobody cares about anything or anyone but themselves on the road. Pedestrians, cars and yeah… cyclists are the worst.
Road laws, traffic lights, lanes, cellphones… “Meh, who cares?” is the motto around here.

Everyone need to invest in a helmet and a loud bell…

Yep; assholes on bikes are going to be bad drivers too, and inconsiderate as pedestrians.


that is the first “fucc boi” i have heard in the wild.

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Funny; I often initiate the Canadian conversation at red lights, usually when someone pulls up to my right and I just get the feeling that they are going to cut me up when the lights change. It is generally met with incomprehension.

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I can attest that not all Canadian cyclist clashes are so polite. I’ve had more than my share of curses and shouts from both cyclists and drivers (sometimes, I have to admit, I am more than 50% to blame). I ignore or apologize and then move on.

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Back in the day, when I was more righteous and less forgiving commuting cyclist, I would chase bad apples down and chew them out. I think I only ever changed the behavior of one person (she rode meekly behind me for the rest of the trip after I told her to slow down on a very crowded bike trail) but, you know, it felt kind of good.

I don’t do that anymore. Little more concerned about someone going apeshit on me.

These days I get to commute about 95% of my way on a greenbelt trail and more often what I have to deal with is peds who are completely clueless about how much trail they are taking up when they stop in the middle of to dig something out of their bag or have a conversation. The irony is that I am lucky enough to be able to ride on a recreational trail but only enjoy it when it’s empty of people out recreating.

Sometimes I think that 10% of the population shouldn’t be allowed on the roads, and these people are evenly distributed between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

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