Watch: Driver in fit of road rage keeps going with bike stuck under car

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This is the nightmare of riding a motorcycle on the street, they not only don’t see you, they refuse to see you.


“Renverser” means to overturn or to throw off. It’s entirely possible the driver knocked the cyclist off his bike without actually hitting the cyclist themselves. Not much difference, I agree, in my (long ago) experience as a cyclist. The cyclist is unhurt, or certainly appears so, so that’s to the good.

In this case it’s a push-bike. The photo illustration is misleading, and doesn’t refer directly to the incident. But it’s true, many car drivers only seem to see other cars. And not bikes, or push-bikes, …or pedestrians, …or roadsigns.


He who has the mass and rage makes the rules.

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sure, but cyclists are supposed to “share the road” and all that. :roll_eyes:

The rather poetic “One of your delivery men was attacked in the republic!!” is a mistranslation. There’s a large square in Paris named Place de la République, containing a metro station named simply République. By extension, “République” could be used to refer to the immediate neighborhood around the square, but it looks like this is actually in the Place de la République itself, at the north-west corner where the Avenue de la République flows into the square.

Anyway, the more accurate translation would be “One of your delivery men was attacked in République.”


Quite. In the UK it’s generally supposed that the bit the cyclists get is the six inches or so between the double yellow lines at the edge of the road.
If you’ve never heard of them, here’s an explanation and picture.


That’s a very narrow bike lane. I bet car drivers still abuse it though.

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