Elegant skull ring


WHY oh why would I get that? million better ones from Japan but here’s the classic



Plus when you punch a bad guy on the jaw with it it leaves a skull mark that never comes off.

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My friend makes these awesome ones here in New Zealand. These are real sterling silver so slightly more cost.


The bird skulls are the cool!

That is quite beautiful.

I’ve been blogging about skull rings for years at my site (moronshere dot com), and while that’s nice, I have MANY nicer. The above-mentioned Courts and Hackett (which is my favorite of all time), but also Deadringer from New Zealand, MT Maloney, Ruby Crush, etc.

I don’t want to spam with links here but let me know if you want 'em, I’d be happy to supply some detailed personal reviews, I have a collection of more than 25 skull rings.

D’oh! I typo’d my own web site above. That would be “moronosphere”. (facepalm)

no alexander mcqueen fans out there? My wife rocks this tasty number… http://lovelustfashion.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/mcqueen-ring.jpg

Thanks for these links! Most are much more expensive than this one but really nice options.

Of course this ring needs its partner for the other hand.

I found a site that sells copies of the Good Ring

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