Diamond studded Star Trek ring


Not enough lens flare.


Circle it for 19-20 minutes.

If I’d been made Emperor of the Solar System at the age of twelve, this is exactly the sort of ring that I’d have wanted.


This Paul Michael guy is a certified geeks wet dream. I follow him on facebook and he has some awesome stuff. I did have to correct him that the “bantha skull” ring actually depicted a Mandalorian Mythosaur.

That… that probably explains all those lonely nights.


For true awesomeness, the saucer section should separate, and then it could be a wedding ring instead of just an engagement ring.


In general, I’m not one for bling, but in this case…WANT!!1!!1!! Platimun, diamonds and aquamarine, please. (Yeah, I see they’re not offering it with aquamarine, but I really don’t like topaz.)

Probably blue topaz.
Agree. DO WANT.

What? Di-Lithium crystals not an option?

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