100% diamond ring designed by Apple's Jony Ive and Marc Newson


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So people in silicon valley wanted something that can be used both as a display of wealth and that can be used as a sex toy?


I’m thinking this ring should be a display piece. Diamond, even cultured, is very hard and brittle. I suspect wearing something like this will help you find the cleavage planes and you’ll end up with some very expensive bits of diamond.


Just hope you never need it resized.


Truly a gaudy waste of money.


I hope it shreds as soon as someone buys it.



Ron says: “I’m wearing one now.”


I sure am glad the ultra wealthy are finding more exquisite ways to spend that tax break they were given. Pilfering the Public Trust once again. Fuck 'em.


They can call it the “hope diamond”


No thanks. I don’t find the final product aesthetically pleasing. If I’m going to spend that kind of money on a garish display of wealth I want something much, much more. I want an 18k white gold watch encrusted with diamonds and blue sapphire accents or a 9 carat emerald ring surrounded with white diamonds in a platinum setting. For a quarter of a million dollars I want something that says “exploited miners” and “child labor” and “dangerous working conditions that cause long term health problems”. Now that’s class!


Shiny, expensive, and pointless. At least they’re consistent.


250 iPhones?


It looks like a hose clamp


For your dingus, yes.


From what little I know about Jony Ive, he seems like someone I wouldn’t care to meet.


Concave edges if the ring will also cause local stress concentration and make it even more prone to fracture.


If it was practical it wouldn’t be fashionable :slight_smile:


It’s just like an Apple Product, oversimplified, impractical, expensive and completely un-fixable!

So you know for sure it really is designed by Jony Ive…

(Posted from my un-fixable MBP, mind you.)


And just how are you supposed to size it?


Given the horror show that rings can be in the ER such that they had to invent a special “ring cutter tool” to remove them in case of severe swelling, not to mention the types of injury rings can generate themselves (knowing what “ring avulsion” is advisable, but I’d be VERY carful googling it. The words “degloving” and “skin” are involved), this is gonna be a HARD pass.

Regular rings are too robust enough for my tastes already.