Woman's $400k wedding ring found in 8 tons of garbage


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I hope they broke Joe Evans off something proper


Only five more infinity stones to go and she’ll have the whole gauntlet.


Unless you’re wanting your kids to get a Bruce Wayne-style origin story for their crime-fighting careers, I’d sell the ring and invest in something that can’t get lost or stolen so easily.


Who the fuck spends $400,000 on a wedding ring? Regardless how rich you are that seems kind of nuts.
And I especially wonder who spends $400,000 on a wedding ring and chooses to live in a small town in Missouri?


Reminds me of this: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/egr7e4/crank-yankers-hadassah-calls-a-landfill


I assume that if you can afford $400K on a ring, you can afford to lose $400K in the garbage.

That said, maybe we can give her the benefit of the doubt and say that it had sentimental value.


These people do:

I have my cynical suspicions why the ring is so big.
Edit: Sorry, but the linked picture doesn’t seem to show up. You might have to click on it.


Rich people. And if you want a really big rock, you have to spend the money.

As for living in a small town - why not? Waaaayyy more laid back, more space, less money for the land. Not sure where in Missouri that is, but in the Ozarks area is some gorgeous scenery and lakes, etc.

My ex-Mother-in-law thinks she threw a gold watch away once. Had it wrapped in a tissue for some reason and then tidied up and put it in the bin.


Or conversely “if you want to show off that you have a lot of money, you have to get a really big rock even if that means losing your ability to do much with your left hand.”


And so the garbage, compressed under incalculable pressure for millions of years, eventually gives birth to nature’s most perfect gem: the diamond.


Chesterfield is right next to Town And Country which is one of the top 10 richest communities in the USofA. There are lots of people with way too much money in Chesterfield.


I am obviously guilty of all kinds of base assumptions about people I’ve never met, but you’re right - that picture does seem to explain a lot; or perhaps the ring seems to explain that picture.


It isn’t a small town. It is a suburb/exurb of St. Louis any further west you take a big drop into the Missouri River flood plain. And as I sated in another comment right next to a very very very rich town.


I don’t get it. Are they mobsters!? What is the awful thing explained there?


It explains that when I am shown a picture of a complete schlub together with a much younger and conventionally attractive wife, I revert to conventional sexist stereotypes.


sounds like a joke from a teen sex comedy, the rich mother seduces her daughter’s boyfriend and while giving a hand-job accidentally cuts off his penis with her very expensive big sharp diamond ring. Rushing to hospital scene and stupid lies follows.


I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t have to call Homer Price.


“If I divorce you, you can trade these strategically conglomerated minerals for a new house.”