Elfquest back in comic stores


Maintaining my refusal to sign up for Twitter is becoming increasingly difficult.

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Please forgive this N00b question:

Why does the Hero have a phallus tattooed on his abdomen?

i Shared on Twitter!! when does this giveaway end and how will we know if we win?? i REALLY want a copy of the NYCC Variant for my collection!!! I LOVE EQ!!! AYOOOAH!!!

I’ll wrap it up in a couple of days, assuming the tweets cease.

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Do I need to use a hashtag? How are y’all tracking it?

He has a six pack.

That takes me back to junior high when I was drawing a bit of Elfquest-inspired art, and some kid leaned over my shoulder and asked, “Why does dude have squares on his chest?”

I almost said, “Haven’t you ever looked at a well-developed male physique?” but fortunately stopped myself just in time.

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@beschizza is tracking it by the URL

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