Cthul-aid! OH YEAH!


I’m overthinking this, but Cthul-Aid is holding a pitcher with an elder sign on it. So he’s warding off himself?

Did we kill the link with too much awesomeness? The site is down now…

This product is awful. The powder simply dries out any container of water I attempt to pour it into.


Aaargh! No T-shirt! What the hell am I going to do with a print?

I need this in a T-shirt. F’tagn here.

Smoobly, I don’t usually offer my designs on shirts and stuff on sites that offer direct-to-garment printing, cuz that method is usually inferior to screen printing and may result in dulled or off colors. It WILL be offered as a shirt over at TheYetee.com very soon (and probably my BeastWreck shop shortly thereafter), and I’ll be posting updates as soon as I get a print date. See my Facebook artist page for further news: https://www.facebook.com/BeastPop

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Whoa, cool. Wasn’t really expecting a constructive response, let alone access to such a cool design. Thanks eversomuchso.

My husband Alex Bradley created a very similar t-shirt back in January: http://bit.ly/16tfwY4.

He’s the writer and artist of Miskatonic University, an HP Lovecraft-themed webcomic: www.misk-u.com. Please check it out.

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