Book-themed lithos/tees with entire text of books

Litographs takes public domain (and otherwise shareable) books and turns them into word-art posters that both illustrate the text and are comprised of it. They are also doing tees and have plans for more. It’s kind of cool to think of wearing an Alice in Wonderland shirt with a picture of Alice made up of… READ THE REST

i already miss the old comments section.

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I love these. They are so cool. They have one coming out for Beagle’s The Last Unicorn that I saw at a special screening of the movie a month ago. My wardrobe is 95% tshirts but I really want to buy one anyway.

They sell these at Annie’s Art & Frame in Ballard, Seattle.

I got my T-shirt when they did their kickstarter a few months back. Love it. People constantly read me :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I may need some wall art or another t-shirt. Because of sheer awesomeness.

“Composed of” or “comprises” but never “comprised of.”

I think their site might have got a touch of the old boingboing effect, but hopefully I’ve got a tshirt on it’s way to me :slight_smile:

I love these prints and shirts - I think I’m going to order a set of some Greek works for the library, and a Moby Dick for the kid’s room. I wish more of them were available as shirts - I’d definitely rock the 20k LUS shirt. My only issue with the prints is the one for Around the World In 80 Days - at least three of the things on the globe (Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Christ of Rio) were not yet built when the book was published, and are (to my recollection) not mentioned. It’s a small issue, but it would stop me from buying an otherwise fine print.

This is a nice idea… very much like the free online book we put out back in 1992 called ‘tonnerre’. The source code, in Postscript is the book itself, with holes punched through in the text representing a poem Caid Ali:


And a whole new type of backseat sibling argument is born:

“Quit reading me! Mo-om! She’s reading me!”

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I own the Alice t-shirt. Really like it, cool concept, soft fabric.

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