Artist hand writes entire 'Jurassic Park' script, creates line-art of a scene from the movie


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Wow. That’s some serious dedication. I barely have the attention span to finish writing a


It’s a tradition centuries old to create line art like this out of various sacred scriptures.


But, the movie… it is teh sux.


If you folks like that, then you’ll definitely like this:

Still waiting for them to get the rights to Dune…


The title continues as such:
…, gets sued by the movie company, looses his home, car, and now lives on the street drawing unrelated dinosaur scenes for living.

I hope this is just my bad imagination.


I’m not sure where art and masochism intersect … but this rides a unicycle merrily along that border.


This one isn’t with words, but it is done in one stroke


This guy does similar stuff, with Illustrator though.


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