2D Art, Images, Doodles, Sketches, Paintings, Diagrams, What-Have-Yous

A thread for:*

  • Your Art: Doodles, paintings, etchings, drawings, database diagram or anything else flat and beautiful that you’ve made and would like to share.

  • Art You See*: Art that is inspiring you right now, or always has.

  • Everyone and Anyone: casual doodlers on up to pros, if you please. I’m not a professional by any stretch but I draw all the time and love it as a hobby.


  • No unsolicited criticism. This stuff is here for the simple joy of sharing.

  • No competition or unnecessary, negative comparison. It’s my damn thread and everyone gets a trophy.

*I know we have Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on? but that one is carrying a lot of water for the “craft” category, so thought we could stand a little divergence. I specified 2D intentionally to limit the crossover…


To kick things off, and attempt to set the “all submissions welcome” tone, here are a handful:

a zebracorn I drew on my phone for my daughter:

A pleasing result from a “1yo draws a scribble, I try to make it into something” game:


A Frantisek Kupka I found taking a scroll while rocking my younger daughter to sleep.


I haven’t actually worked on this in a while, although it is an ongoing project.

Expanded digital version



I’m going to try not to set a precedent, or develop a personal habit of thinking that every post has to be commented on. I’d like a “heart” to carry a lot of weight in this thread. However, I do appreciate you brave souls for joining me. @oncebce, very cool maps. 10/10 would RP San Francisco Bay. @Melz2, glad I didn’t have to call you out by name to get you on here. As usual, a lovely piece that feels deeply authentic and personal.

I’ll post some more stuff soon to keep this thread limping along long enough to gove it a fair chance to grow some legs.


I have several to post, but I’m working with too crap a home environment and too cheap a phone camera to just prop them up and take shots. Trying to find a clean, bright and relatively unblemished area to take photos.


Playing with some regular old Crayola felt-tips with my babies, seeing what kinds of interesting strokes are possible. This orange made me happy like a vintage 60s postcard of the south of France

A fairly pedestrian dry erase drawing of a car that my 4yo spiced up with some wild spirit-vision details. One of our best collabos to date.

Another, and perhaps the most spiritually bOINGbOING of the Frantisek Kupka’s I’ve stumbled across: “Combined Harmonics”


As a man in a one-bedroom apartment with 2 kids under 4, I feel ya. That’s why all my stuff is markers and phone apps (xoxo Note5). I know you have a lot more at stake being a professional working artist, but your stuff in the “watcha’” thread has been spectacular, so looking forward to more!


Here’s a couple more I need to send out to a client.


I’m trying to phase out reproduction commissions (except simple selfies) and work more on my own things for the future.

I’m in a little financial difficulty (I NEED TO COME UP WITH SOME RENT BEFORE APRIL 30 OR I GET KICKED OUT), and am willing to accept one or two more photo reproductions. After that, I’m not doing any for a while. Absolutely no offense to my clients, but I’m receiving too many finely-detailed or “marry two images into one” projects that are a strain on my nerves. I need a break from that.

If there is anyone here who is interested, I can give you an idea of the first projects I’m planning for myself, for retail.
This is an image of Seal Point in La Jolla, California. I plan to do a medium-sized study of Seal Rock, with all the seals sunning themselves at midday, in preparation for a large 6’X4’ painting. I will do the same a short distance away, for a view across the cove at dusk.
If someone would like to put a deposit down to claim either one of the studies or the large paintings, you are welcome to do so.
If you want a painting, you are welcome to send a deposit to my Google Pay or PayPal, via knox672000@gmail or yahoo.com.
Thanks in advance!

ETA: For those who are close to the same income level as me, I can also make small selfie-vignettes for $75.
Grease pencil and conte crayon on colored paper, no background. Single portrait only, no pairs or groups.
Something like this, but a portrait.


A pair of gentlewomen on this Monday morning (hashtag procrastination doodles…)

one inspired by my marathon like-fest through the pets and animals thread, the other listening to Enya’s Bard Dance that came up on my shuffle and thinking back on all my daughters’ impromptu dances over the weekend…


Things are getting a little desperate, so I have four 8"X8" wood panels that I can do the selfie thing in oils, this one time only.

If this succeeds, I should be finally out of the hole, and not beg anymore.


I had a lot of important notes to take in our Leadership Team meeting today.



Are those caricatures of your co-workers?


They may be @HMSGoose meeting takeaway.

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No, but that probably would be slightly more mature than drawing random dinosaur people just 'cuz. Although I did draw my boss once, because she has pretty amazing hair and wears really cool jewelry. At the end of the meeting she saw my agenda and said “who’s this Peter Pan figure here?” and another colleague said “S_______, that’s you.” we have a good time. But seriously, I am very fotunate that my boss knows that with my kind of attention…uniqueness, that I actually listen better and deeper when I draw.


I don’t always do pop-culture stuff :smirk:
This is my friend’s beautiful wife, drawn recently just for fun.


making currently a CD-inlet for a berlin-based garage rock band, one of four fast, sloppy portraits of the band members for it, drawn on my old motionJ3500 with PS




I’m resurrecting this painting, giving it a quick pass to heighten contrast, freshen the colors, and sharpen some edges. I feel it’s one of my best original compositions, yet it remains unsold after 2 years.
I’ll post the “after” pic by morning.

BTW, do we even have a “shameless self-promotion” (i.e. sales) thread to keep things clean here? I can’t seem to find one in my searches.