Knoxblox's Re-Animated Blank Canvas

This here thread is a do-over of my thread concerning my own art and whatnot.


First off, allow me to address what has been going on lately. Things were good for a little while because of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance here in California, but there had been other problems I have encountered.

First, I tried to help out a “homeless” man who wound up stealing a car and reselling it in Mexico. The bastard left my mailing address and phone number in the car, I guess, and I was receiving death threats from the person whom he ripped off. Luckily, they had no clue where I actually reside but it was still very disconcerting for a long while.

Second, the room I was renting before the apartment I’m in now experienced some water damage which in turn damaged some of my artwork. Now that I’m in another apartment, I have been retouching some pieces that I promised a long while ago, or just simply starting over for a couple of them. All told, I have about 5 pieces that need to be mailed out in the beginning of September. I want to take this opportunity to say I’m sorry to those folks for the delay, and I am working on getting these to you quickly.

Third, I was challenged by California’s EDD over my pandemic unemployment benefits after they determined their rollout of funds was taken advantage of by criminals. I recently had an over-the-phone court appeal, and the judge ruled in my favor (yay!).

Fourth, I broke my hand this year while falling off an electric bicycle. :man_shrugging: Thankfully, my hand is almost fully healed, and I can work again.


Oh my. A compounded “fuck today.” I’m really sorry to hear this.

Do you have a gallery link that you’re comfortable revealing? I’d love to see more of your stuff. Ms. Pane and I love to have cool art hanging in our house [though she’s the boss of that, lol].


I want to show you something I did for my friend Samantha. She’s my platonic companera, and has been such a great friend when it comes to having someone to talk to. She’s my best cheerleader.


I’m about to post some more work, and talk about a “pledge drive” of sorts that I’m doing to gain clients for the next year.


Wow, that’s an amazing piece. Is your work generally custom like that? Is that your general style?


Yes. The painting she is holding is my standard 1-foot square, though I can make larger works if there is a call for it. Everything I do is customized to the buyer, whether it’s a portrait of a loved one or a pet, or even just a royalty-free image from the internet if they choose.

I have an Instagram page started just for this “pledge drive” at the handle, “lazypossum1” where I’m showing off some of my best work.


Great work!


So, here’s my pitch for getting this started…

I’m in desperate need of income, particularly in the next day or so where I am shooting for $3000 in deposits or even full payments if the client is gracious enough. I want to find 50 clients to cover the next year, but in particular I have a window for 10 to 12 paintings to be delivered for Christmas.
It’s a first-come, first-served process filtered by full payment work first followed by partial payment work. It takes me one week to do one standard panel, so my prices ($600 per square foot) reflect one week’s pay at minimum wage in California. I would like to ask more, but I realize that recent inflation is hitting everyone around the world right now.

I can accept images over the internet, and I need sharp, clear images to work effectively. So, in theory, I can work for anyone in the world as long as they can pay through a payment platform, send a good image over the internet, and can receive packages at a personal address.

NOTICE: Because of my immediate need, I am also offering a 10% finders fee for anyone who can secure a client for me and they can identify you as the intermediary when they place an order. That’s $60 per painting, and I think well worth it for my purposes.
So, if you know anyone or someone who knows someone, this is an easy way to make some quick cash if you can secure a client for me.

ETA: I was asked if I could accept an international wire transfer, but unfortunately, my credit union won’t process those. The representative stated that PayPal or Google Pay are likely to be the best without charging high fees.


Hey, I was just thinking the other day about your “Blank Canvas” topic, and wondering how you’re doing these days. Sorry to hear about the bad stuff, and glad to hear about the judge’s ruling and your hand healing.


Some previous works that I’ve sold…


Just to re-iterate, I am offering a 10% finder’s fee for anyone who can secure clients for me RIGHT NOW (yes, right now) and it results in a deposit or even full payment.
I am really, desperately needing $3000 by the end of the business day Friday (food, supplies, medicine, old debts), so that breaks down to 5 people paying in full or 10 people who put down a deposit. I got my first $300 this morning.

ETA: Additionally, if anyone would just like to send a small donation for pizza, soda money, or some wet food for the cats, I am not too prideful to accept the help.


Can I boost the signal on Instagram for you? I can’t promise anything will come from it, but I’m happy to spread the word as much as possible :slight_smile:


YES! By all means, anything that would help boost the signal. I would greatly appreciate it.

If it helps, I am committed to doing what I can to be an ally to the marginalized, so I want people to know that this isn’t an endeavor that caters only to cis, white folks.


I added another boost on IG via ‘My Story.’


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Done and done!


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Happy to help!