Eliminate your ancient USB flash drive with drag and drop file sharing

Between permissions, log-in credentials, size limitations, and download issues, it’s a miracle if you’re ever able to share the document at all.

Must be a miracle I can run scp then. Cloud based storage with a third party just to share a file? No thanks.

Droplr Pro even got 5 stars on CNET.

CNET. The download site for all of your adware needs. :smirk:


I guess there are still some suckers that use them…
But I am good with thumbdrives and sneakernet cause I know what is going on between the 2 machines, well provided I trust the person handing me the drive anyway and 95% of the time that is me. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


And for the times when sneakernet isn’t good enough, I have my own “cloud storage” in my closet at home, running FTPS.

Really, that NAS device is one of my best tech purchases, considering how useful it’s been, and how long it’s lasted without getting long in the tooth.


A home NAS is one of the few fancy tech things I would happily set up if I had the spare $$$ for one.
I have been sorely temped to just get one of the fancier new wireless routers just cause I can plug an external USB drive into it and use that as a simple NAS.


Really was not too pricy to get into. The NAS itself was under 100 somehow (same unit listed for 140 now?), plus cost of 2 drives.

You could DIY one with an old windows box running software raid, Filezilla Server, plus Plex/TVersity/Etc.



Jeeze Louise! How many file sharing thingies can I count that are dead. MegaUpload; Rapidshare; Hotfile; do you want me to go on? And you think I should PAY for this new thingy??


I’m actually softening on “cloud” in some areas these days. e.g. a startup that doesn’t have the money for security staff. There are still a lot of trade-offs to think about, and I’m way off topic, so I’ll leave it there for now.


The ‘cloud’ will be built. But it is in alpha stage right now. Possibly useful, but the bugs are Australian in horrificness (er, sp?). Even so, I don’t think it will deliver on its promises. See post above.

I’m fine with third-party file sharing as a tool, just as long as the non-technical users aren’t lied to about its security and privacy vulnerabilities. But most “cloud” services lie through their teeth.


I did. I get it at that level, and I also get that Amazon (as an example) has a crew of professional security folks that are way better than most people with a dream and a startup budget can even hope to match. Whether you want lock in with said company is another matter,. (Again this is way off topic. Shall we start a “cloud thread”? Could be fun…)


What a new and original idea! I can’t beleive no one has done this before!


I think we’re more or less on topic… Question: What’s wrong with using Google Drive or whatever it is that MS has? At least for simple file sharing. Both free.

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Those are both probably better options than what is being offered here. I was just going off on a “cloud” rant, realizing most of us have some form of one at this point, and thought it might make an interesting topic.

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I think something that irks me about the ‘cloud’ is that it is being monetized rather than being made useful.
Ed: Now that I think about it, it HAS been made useful; i.e. torrents :slight_smile:

That was my initial thought, but I’m seeing more uses as the concept matures. It’s a trade off in a lot of ways. I think I’m going to start a thread so we don’t go to off topic, despite the fact I do enjoy mocking some of the BB store posts. (It should probably go under “wrath”. :slight_smile: )

This is worthy of discussion. Point me to thread :wink:

Have at it. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any ancient USB flash drives. Mine are all less than 15 years old.


But that wouldn’t involve you giving these people money. For them, this is a problem.

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