Elizabeth Warren asks why criminal bankers are too big to jail




Between Warren and Gillibrand, I really don’t see the need for a Clinton on the ticket in 2016.


Dungeon? What’s wrong with the Marianas Trench?


It would pollute the ocean.


Hmm. Good point.

Ok, give them a tent, and drop 'em off here


Excellent idea.


It would pollute the reactor.


Seriously though, is it just because everyone knows that “they” have enough money to fight a legal battle long enough that would bankrupt the United States?


It wouldn’t bankrupt the U.S., it would just go on long enough that there would be no political benefit. Not to mention the lost donations from the banker clan.


Iceland did it. Today they have a 2% unemployment rate.

I found it interesting that American news either hasn’t done much reporting on this or has downplayed it. Expected, though.


I commend Iceland. But it’s not like that country has 20 million people who are out of work. We have more unemployed people than Iceland has as a population by a factor of about 62 to 1. For every Icelander there’s 62 unemployed Americans. So I say we invade Iceland and take all their jobs.

/bad number work.


Jail bankers! Not war criminals! Warren forever!


Yes that is bad number work. There is absolutely no baring between the number of Icelanders and the number of unemployed in the US. What matters is the rate of people unemployed in comparison to the society and economy that supports the population. That is why unemployment figures are always a percentage.


I understand that. It was a malformed Poe. Not even half-assed.


Cool. Even with the tags I can never quite be sure where the sarcasm begins and ends.


It was entirely sarcasm X-[ because I’m an asshole.


Someone doesn’t understand the difference between companies and people. Jamie Dimon didn’t buy off his own criminal liability, if any; JP Morgan Chase bought off its liability. And the authorities can’t decline to prosecute senior bankers on condition that they spilt up their banks because first, that would be letting them buy their way out of their (not their company’s) criminal charges, and second it’s not the bankers’ decision to split the company up (except for banks that are partnerships), it’s the shareholders’ decision.

What could and should have been done would have been to insist that the banks split themselves up as a condition of receiving government support during the crisis.


‘Too big to fail’ should be ‘too big to exist’. Breaking the banks up should have been part of the deal of bailing them out. I thought we voted for democrats.

As far as punishment at least take all their money to help pay for the bail out and a percentage of their income for x number of years as community service. Money seems to be the motivator so maybe is the most suitable punishment.


I’m glad I didn’t completely duplicate your post. I’m a slow typer.


at some point, the 99% need to rise up, rebellion. walk down wall street with shovels and torches, and set it right.

HOWEVER? it will never happen, as the ultra bankers, the “masters of the universe” have convinced the politicians they have bought? to turn the police forces into military forces, to protect them.

Read Taibbi’s book, it’s brilliant, and it SHOULD piss you off, and? there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING any of us can do about it.