Iceland prime minister resigns over Panama Papers revelations


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I suppose this proves the most cynical perspective of “nothing will ever change” at least a little wrong!

There’s hope in Iceland, folks!


From the CNN article:
’“I’m so angry I made a sign,” one demonstrator’s sign said.’




I think it is entirely reasonable that we reserve special and intense hatred of elected officials who steal from us, the very people who elected them. I mean we hate bankers too, but they never asked us to trust them, really.


Oh O spaghettiOs !


Seems like just yesterday he said “I’m not resigning!”

Oh yeah you are, scumbag.


These people keep insisting they’ve done nothing illegal, proving that they’ve completely missed the point. We know it’s not illegal. That’s the problem!


I’m so angry; I made you resign. it says now.


Well I am still waiting to see what the US disclosures are. It was mentioned they are forthcoming. Given the overreaching way the US taxes its citizens abroad they may be edging from tax avoidance to tax evasion if they followed the pattern of the asset movement that has been disclosed for others. Then agin maybe they just have to pay more/be more elaborate to set it up to be “legal”.


At least he had the decency to resign. So few do these days.


I agree that there’s a special place in hell reserved for elected officials who betray the public’s trust, but I won’t give bankers, or traders, or even used car salesmen a pass on the question of trust, which (in my mind anyway) is (or should be) implicit in every transaction between people who agree to do some kind of social or business commerce. After all, isn’t there honor among thieves, even? Now, though, I guess that Randian objectivist ethics is the dominant form of moral persuasion, and trust is considered a quaint expression of idiot credulity. My guess is that politicians who exploit this so-called mental weakness are enthusiastically supported by objectivist philosophers in the private sector who make their fortunes trying to fool most of the people all of the time; in Iceland, it seems, most of the people are on to this moral con and have no hesitation calling it out for what it is: a betrayal of their trust by private interests that have infiltrated their political system and perverted their democracy.


Schneier’s Liars & Outliers is about trust - an interesting topic very well written


Is he going or not?


This is from just one firm involved in these black money rack-off transactions. There are likely a hundred of these shops out there.



Especially when they are elected on a platform of “we’re gonna get those guys who stole from you!”

The blatant hypocrisy makes the crime much worse. It’s like when an Evangelical crusader gets caught using church proceeds to snort coke off underage gay prostitutes. No sympathy for you!


His name is Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson. Do you know what that means? His father’s name was Gunnlaugs. No wonder he turned to crime.


Good thing it’s not an election year… :confounded:


They have already said that they haven’t found any politicians.