Fearing the Pirate Party, Iceland's government scrambles to avoid elections


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I was unaware that the Pirate Party has been so successful at shit-stirring over there. Nice job, Pirates! As long as they’re irritated by you, you’re clearly doing something right!


this was new to me. and not exactly good news…


Wow - a guy who uses slick financial maneuvers can use slick parliamentary maneuvers too? Didn’t see that coming.


Descendants of vikings fearing pirates!



Who are also descendants of vikings!



I can see the current parliament trying to tie the pirate parties’ hands somehow in the future, should the party gain authority, just to avoid anyone at all messing with the established status quo.

It must be such a frightening thought for those in the current regime that people might come in and take away what has been the norm for decades, if not even centuries.


Kinda looks like Iceland.


Sorry to be a bit of a pedant, but I’m pretty sure the Icelandic women’s strike far surpassed the numbers at these recent demonstrations. Back in 1975, 90% of women in Iceland stopped working and joined demonstrations in the streets for a day. It was billed as the “women’s day off”. Iceland has an amazing political history of citizen activism. Go Iceland!

Info about the women’s strike:


Get the Pirates into government, re-imprison the banksters, then imprison all of the old bankster-backing politicians as well.


0.9 (number who stopped work) x 0.5 (proportion of popn who are women) x 0.3 (proportion of women in employment in 1975(?)) x 0.8 (proportion of the proceeding who turned up (?)) ~11% x 218,000 (popn in 1975) ~ 23,500 protesters.

Go Team Winterfell!


I’ve got to chime in with my two favorite peaceful large-scale protests, bigger in percentage and numbers than the most recent one:

Singing Revolution: 300,000 people - about 25% of Estonia - sang together for independence. There’s a great documentary by this name describing Baltic independence – I’m leaving out the most astounding part.

Baltic way: 1-2 million people hold hands forming a chain across three countries (18% of total population, 28% of original citizens who wanted the occupiers out). Basically 400 miles of this:

(sorrry that my comment is a repeat of one I made late in another thread)


No, that one was kept quiet.

Although, this whole situation is only to be expected. I’ll never understand why the Icelanders allowed the current ruling parties back into power, when they were the ones who allowed the entire banking bubble economy to start in the first place. If one term out of power is all the punishment they get for crashing the island’s entire economy, no wonder they think they’re untouchable.


I’m gonna say, with the exceptions of those who actually committed crimes, provable in a court of law, imprisoning members of the party that just lost power is a pretty bad precedent to set.


How…chillingly apt… The guy who is ‘stepping down’ because of his sleazy shell companies is, effectively, executing a straw transfer of the “Prime minister” title to an agent chosen to shield the identity of the person with operational control of that asset so as to nominally fulfill the criteria for ‘stepping down’ without any of the actual effects of doing so, with the ruling party and new ‘Prime Minister’ acting as a shell government in order to allow someone otherwise ineligible to retain control of it to do so without giving the appearance of doing so.

It’s almost like he’s had practice with this, or gotten professional advice or something… Must just be a crazy coincidence.

Any chance that the Pirate Party will consider keel hauling?


Thank you :slight_smile: