Why the Pirate Party could end up running Iceland


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Hoist the Jolly Roger!


Pirate Party


All right, Iceland just rose to the top of my list of where to go when I’ve given up on trying to live in these States. Realistically, I’ll most likely end up waiting too long to leave, just like most other people.


My new pet peeve:

Major news organizations that ought to know better referring to Icelanders by their matronymic (or patronymic) as if it were a surname.

...and the Pirates' flexibility, frankness and basic decency.
Oh, thank God. Their party won't catch on anywhere important.*


  • Trump 2016!


Damn, too late for Kickass to relocate there…


Oh, you never know: The very fact that you’re thinking of it, and even talking about it in public bodes well for your state of mind.


Bits of it look like someone took the scabbier parts of the Shetland Isles and dropped them on Mars, mind.


So how do we duplicate this in the US?


My father liked to comment…

Line up all the politicians and kill every fourth one.
Then go back to the beginning of the line and start over.
When you’re done you have 3 politician’s left who know they’d better get shit done or we might just go down to every third politician.

Dad never did get on well with political situations.


They’ll be replacing their Constitution with something they’re calling the Iceland Code, but it’s more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.


One could argue that the work environment for the job of politician has already kept the best and brightest from even being interested in the job, thus our current predicament


Does their platform properly recognize elves?


Won’t argue that


Between this and the Hong Kong election results, I am going full squeeeee at democracy in action.


The people are friendly, it has the worlds cheapest electricity (geothermal YAY!). But the climate is about as harsh as you can get. Thanks to the influence of cable travel/food shows, in the past decade, the local cuisine went from mildly horrifying to downright tasty.


Have a different country?


We were watching some Icelandic cop show the other day, and the protagonist was eating a sheep head for his lunch like it weren’t no thing. My girlfriend (who is squicked out by seafood, never mind anything weirder) is still upset. I explained to her about fermented shark meat :smiley:


And bits of it look like this.