Iceland's Prime Minister asks to dissolve Parliament


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A recent poll put Iceland’s Pirate Party – who’ve previously called for asylum and diplomatic passports for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange – as the party most likely to form a government if elections were called.

Holy crap, our options here in the U.S. are lame.


this is not necessarily a bad thing, Belgium had no working government for 1.5 years between 2010 and 2011 and was still functioning


Oh do fuck off Gunnlaugsson.
You’re the one caught red handed* not parliament. Just get the hell out of politics and let the parliament sort itself out once you’re gone.

*A few other cabinet ministers as well IIRC, the MPs not so much.


Maybe it’s time for an exploration of Icelandic citizenship…

/me sees who our dominant political candidates are.

…yeah, definitely maybe…


The US does have several parties, but only two of them ever get to run things.


I’m pretty sure I have Icelandic blood in me though ancestors…wonder if that would get me in?


Isn’t it required that one be capable of saying the name of this volcano without stumbling?


Could be worse. You could be dealing with Welsh place names…


Except at the local level, where sometimes third party candidates can get on city councils, school boards, and even in state houses (rarely- but it does happen). The two major parties have a near complete majority at the national level, but there is some break down at the local level, as party politics aren’t as important as actually getting shit done.


I tried…sprained my tongue I think.


It would be nice if the parties at the national level wanted to actually get shit done.


Agreed. They are far more concerned with staying in power then they are with doing their damn jobs. And the problem with voting the bastards out of office, is that no one seems to think that their representative is the problem - it’s always the OTHER guys that are gumming up the works. We have given into this partisan mindset as well, which is part of the problem overall. Hyper-partisanship doesn’t get shit down, it only makes sure nothing of value gets done. Then again, I have no easy answers! :wink:


It’s happened in Italy often enough too.


Don’t forget the gerrymandering that happens!


Right! Which reinforces various political dominance…


The Welsh language has one vowel, and they used it 8 centuries ago.


Pfft…vowels are over-rated. :wink:


Dammit, man, ya done ninja’d me.


According to the Guardian and Twitter, he’s actually resigned, too.

Edit: and Rob’s @beschizza just written about it