Iceland's Prime Minister says he won't resign, mass demonstrations gain momentum


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His rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic doesn’t make much sense. But nice try.


I hope they win and rename Iceland to Mêlée Island, with insult sword fighting as national sport.


To hell with evidence, throw the bums out and elect new bums! Surely this will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity!


Is evidence relevant for elections? Trust is kind of important for a representative democracy.

I know next to nothing about the Icelandic election system, but if it’s possible for the citizens to legally remove a government midterm - why not?


Don’t know about modern Icelanders, but their ancestors had some creative ways of dealing with major disappointments.


Changing who you vote for without a conviction by a jury of his peers. The horror.

Perhaps you are confusing a vote of no confidence with an impeachment.


Well it would probably interrupt all sorts of important functions. I am not Icelandic, but I think it should maybe take more than one day’s bad news to topple any government. Is it horrifying the government is below 50% approval? Obama spent most of his presidency below 50% - and so did most presidents before him.


Because the system you’re familiar with does not know reelections by popular vote the procedure itself is a bad one?


My goodness - an opinion? On the Internet?

We have recall elections in the US, but they are very difficult and therefore rare. Personally, I think that’s a good thing. Government should not be subject to momentary whim, especially with the media as powerful as it is.

And @KarlS, I don’t think I’m too confused. Every time I hear about a vote of no confidence I cringe. Even after eight years of Bush, I don’t think it should be too easy to overthrow the system. YMMV.


But you aren’t overthrowing the system. To the contrary, it is about making sure that the system is always stronger than any individual player.


Meh. If you’re caught red-handed with the seax dripping financial blood over the body politic, why delay? If Gunnlaugsson has some miraculous revelation to acquit himself of tax evasion, he should put up or resign.


That’s a very good point.


Now that I have actually read the whole Icelandic constitution, it seems that the Althing can’t actually remove him from office directly. In theory that would be the president’s decision.

It’s an odd semi-presidential system with by convention apolitical presidents.


Fake! You’ve been had. That’s not Iceland! He’s not even wearing a swan dress!



Don’t they understand that they’re supposed to wait quietly and politely for their betters to police themselves?!?

Seriously though, I love you Iceland :heart:


One of the traditional Viking Icelander conflict resolution approaches was in fact to stick the two arguing people on a small island to fight it out or resolve their differences.




KMV (Kilometrage May Vary)