Iceland's Prime Minister asks to dissolve Parliament


I’d love to know a little bit more about all these allegations. After all, there are sometimes good recents for offshore assets. A blanket condemning of all offshore assets (and even legal tax evasion) is no different than condemning cryptography, or getting angry for criminal defendants and their lawyers “getting off on a technicality,” i.e., the law. Even illegal tax evasion isn’t that much different than “illegal piracy” or streaming, if you don’t think that the (often arbitrary!) rules are fair. Of course we all feel very different when we ourselves use “loopholes” for things we like than when others we don’t like use them.


Think this is the one who acquired an interest in the bank to be bailed out and sold the assets to his wife for a $1 and then was involved in the bailout decisions without disclosing that he/his wife had a financial interest.


They certainly are. Most of the vowels in the Goidelic Celtic languages (various forms of Gaelic), which are chock-a-block with vowels, are just there to specify the consonants. Our Brythonic cousins (Welsh, etc.) are pretty good at using consonants as vowels.

Blame it on the Latin alphabet - those damned Romans were deficient in the really interesting phonemes…


C’mon, that’s exactly like illegally downloading your favorite song!

Personally, I’d argue a bit for the economics of scale…


Wouldn’t it be ironic if Edward Snowden got asylum in Iceland as the result of a Pirate Party government that swept into power on the back of a massive leak of sensitive data cataloging illegal or barely legal activities by powerful people?

Truly it is to laugh…


For a somewhat dysfunctional definition of “run.”


Iceland’s Prime Minister asks to dissolve Parliament

Sulphuric or nitric?


Okay, now let’s get 3% of Canada together in front of Parliament to protest the TPP!!!

All joking aside, this is amazing!


I a fellow Joe Cool.

haven’t thought of that camel in years.


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