Elizabeth Warren to FBI director: now that investigations are fair game, what about banksters?

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Goddamn…I love Ms. Warren. She’s the only one in Washington with balls enough to speak truth to power. Too bad she’s not running for higher office.


And you know, it is more difficult to ignore a letter from her as a senator than it would have been if she’d gotten the job as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Sen Warren has cojones! I wish someone would wiggle their nose and replace Kaine with Ms Warren.


Me likey!


Why does she hate America?

Doesn’t she know that such information has to remain secret, lest it be used by anti-business forces to destroy our (that is, those of us who matter) way of life? The same is also true of any emails kept on Yahoo servers, as long as they are under Sarah Palin’s or Colin Powell’s accounts.

However, the same is definitely NOT true for any emails of Hillary’s since we need to make sure we find out where she’s building the concentration camps to send all of the Christians, Libertarians, and armchair brain-disease/pneumonia specialists.


She can actually do good where she is. As VP? Pretty much useless. I’d rather have her right where she is - it’s just unfortunate the Senate isn’t filled with people like her.


From what I can tell, she is avoiding higher office for the time being. Considering her ability to work in Congress more important.

If she had run for president, Hillary would never had made it out of the primaries, we would be talking about how horrific Trump’s loss will be. Not if he loses.


Elizabeth Warren rocks! I have a major humanistic crush on her…

Oh, and, to her point, respectfully, Director Comey?


First, why does this take balls? Didn’t she already get elected running on more or less the promise to do this? Didn’t the banks already hate her then? And wouldn’t they have hated her next time round regardless of sending this letter? This is red meat for her constituency. Hardly profile in courage material.

And what exactly are these terrible crimes? Misrepresenting the risk profile of bonds to supposedly savvy investors? What sort conviction rate to we typically get on crimes like that? Anyone know? I’m betting it’s pretty low. Even where there’s a pretty clear demonstration of facts.

And could it be that the buyers already knew the truth about these bonds when they bought them?

Hmm, let’s see - facilitating vast transfer of wealth from those with too little to those with too much, as if we weren’t close enough already to the obscene state of affairs immediately preceding the Great Depression.

Barefaced, pants-on-fire fraud, at a heinous scale, of egregious mendacity.

Line the cunts up against a fucking wall.


Welp, most women I know would agree. But that’s not your point.

Lessee, senator gets elected and does her job despite the fact moneyed interests hate her. I say throw a fucking parade.

See @Kimmo

Ah, the ol’ “he/she/they/etc… should have known better” shuffle.
[quote=“oranpkelley, post:10, topic:85439”]
What sort conviction rate to we typically get on crimes like that? Anyone know? I’m betting it’s pretty low. Even where there’s a pretty clear demonstration of facts.

le sigh…


These assholes crashed the entire economy and drove us into a major recession to make a quick buck.


I agree. Warren has chutzpah! Much more powerful than gonads.


Dick as vp under GWB was useless? Me thinks not.

This should be interesting


Other than the occasional tie breaking vote, the VP job is exactly as powerful as the president makes it. So Warren in a Clinton administration? Probably completely shut out of everything except for funerals of world leaders that Clinton can’t be bothered to attend.

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Dick wasn’t VP, though - he was president in all-but-name under the figurehead that was Bush.

If only there were something we, the people, could do to bring that dream closer to reality…


Bum rush Congress?