Elle Australia's new cover shot on an iPhone 7 Plus


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So its not the camera - its the photographer. Who knew?


The real question is, did the photographer shoot in portrait or landscape?


Given the right lighting conditions, phone cameras can be great.

Given the right lighting conditions. :wink:


It’s both. But yeah, you’ll get the most consistent results from someone who knows the limitations of their camera and how to compose shots etc.


Surely after the photo was taken, it still spent many hours being meticulously retouched?


A high res cover would help with my vicious critique, but I don’t think the local Barnes and Noble stocks the Australian version of Elle.



“it means magazines like ours need photographers with an even more honed eye, more magical storytelling skills and bucketloads more vision to create a story - or cover - worthy of making it onto the printed page, as opposed to the more fleeting existence of, say, that shot of your barista-touched latte you posted on Snapchat.”

So the “story” with this shot, as far as I can tell, is “look at this pretty girl that is way over dressed to be on a beach. And she likes to squat uncomfortably for no apparent reason”.

Great story bro!


The reason as to why a professional photographer would not want to use an iPhone will hinge on what they are trying to achieve. The camera in the iPhone 7 will take great pictures but a professional camera will be crisper, will offer more control over the focus of the background, more control over shutter speed and aperture, a better RAW file to work off of for post processing, etc.

In this one particular instance the iPhone was good enough because the photographer had a lot of control in the subject matter. Good on them for doing so, but it’s not appropriate gear for a lot of professional quality shots.


Did they frame like that? Or stand back and crop in? The lack of perspective distortion suggests the latter. Also for trying to work with flash it looks like the sync speed is 1/30


do you often go to the beach in winter?


I’m guessing that the photog still had a full team on hand for art direction, styling, makeup and one or more assistants to set up and hold the scrim/diffusion/lights or whatever they used here. It ain’t just sunshine, that’s for sure.


Its winter in Australia! K, makes a bit more sense.

But I still don’t see a lot of people wearing fashion and going to the beach after 2 hours of hair and makeup. My point is that the editor makes a grand statement about story telling, and the accompanying picture is nothing more than pretty girl wearing expensive clothes on a beach. The picture is typical, and using the iphone is a gimmic used for marketing the issue, regardless of the lofty statement.


I’ve heard that “Beach Weddings” are actually a thing.


Oh yes! Australian Elle’s winter beach wedding issue! Maybe she is squatting to find the ring the best man dropped?

Guess I better stick with latte snapchats.


Oh yeah, bucketloads of vision. A beautiful young model in nice light face on to the camera: why has no one else ever thought to do that?


The hardest part of shooting a portrait with a phone is avoiding the unflattering effects of using a wide-angle lens. I suspect that this photo was cropped a lot.


Do you suppose it was shot in “portrait mode”-- the iphone’s synthetic “bokeh” option. That uses the iphone’s other lens, which has half the field of view as the standard f2.2 lens.

Still, a “56mm equivalent” isn’t really a portrait lens.

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