The Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle

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Everyone with a smartphone has access to a great digital camera.

If only that were true. I’ve seen some garbage cameras on phones.

On the other hand, I’ve gotten some outstanding shots with the 3.2 megapixel camera on a low end, no contract Samsung I bought for $99 out the door. And pretty much every current cell phone camera is head and shoulders above all of the 110 cameras, Kodak disc cameras and disposable 35mm cameras of the recent past. So, we’ve literally never had more high quality photos than we do now, or more photos period.

With Photoshop, I’ve also transformed photos from that same cell phone camera into excellent photos with convincing and natural looking bokeh using masking and variable depth photo blur (not gaussian blur.) So, yes, Photoshop is absolutely a reasonable tool to use on cell phone photos.

I have no idea of the quality or lack thereof of this offering, but the concept that people with a wide range of cameras, from cell phones to medium format cameras, can and do benefit from knowing how to use Photoshop is a solid one.

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Tip One:

If you’re using a camera with an eyepiece, use it! This supports the camera against your face making it (in most cases) easier to get a photo with less camera movement.

You’ll also look less like an idiot.

It’s as good as anything else out there that can be 93% off. Probably not even worth the 7% they charge.

That $64 would be better spent on books and learning how to use YouTube.

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Looking like an idiot is a fear one needs to get over if getting the shot is the goal rather than looking cool.

Using an Electronic Viewfinder in bright sunlight is a great idea if you have one, but otherwise using the monitor screen on the back of the camera is just fine and no different than looking down at the groundglass on a classic twin lens reflex, or a Hasiblad for that matter.

One need not look any farther than Mark Hirsch’s That Tree project to realize that composing using a viewfinder rather than a monitor is not necessary to take amazing photos.

Hirsch photographed a single tree and its immediate surroundings for a year using an iPhone 6. No EVF. The results are outstanding. Are you going to say he looked like an idiot?

$64 can get you as little as one current book :frowning: But I have to agree there are some really terrific free tutorials on YouTube for Photoshop.

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What an interesting idea, how I’d spend the $64:

I’d probably pick up a Martin Evening PS CS5 book for a penny to understand the capabilities and ideas in general for Photoshop and then see what changed with the new version. Do the same for Lightroom. Get an Ansel Adams book to learn about your gear (ISO, aperture, speed) as well as composition and imaging. Strobist for lighting, and Lance Keimig’s first edition book on night photography and you’re going to have a wealth of knowledge equal or better than this.

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so you’re the reason why the publishing houses are crashing! think of the children bosses!

No, those books are worth nothing once new software comes out, blame those people! Publishing houses are thrilled to have my penny.

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