This case turns your iPhone into a point-and-shoot camera

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The shutter button is already on the side, as I’m sure many know. In camera mode, the volume buttons can be used as shutter buttons.


except feel like an actual phone

Did you mean “feel like an actual camera”?


until you want the release on the other side cause the mic is facing the wrong way :slight_smile:

If it could provide a proper viewfinder, unlike nearly all P&S cameras these days… which is why I’m still using old Canon Ixuses (Ixi?) and others from before even Canon removed viewfinders.

It gets old having to put glasses on every time I want to take a picture. That’s why I still carry the Ixus or one of the other Canon mini P&S cameras I have here, which have proper viewfinders.

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I’m failing to see the point of this…

If you’re going to add a bulky case that turns the phone into the approximate dimensions of a dedicated camera, why not keep the phone in your pocket and just carry around a dedicated camera that’ll take much better pictures than the tiny lens on a smartphone can manage? :confused:


Or you just press a volume button.


All that you need to turn a smartphone into a good camera is a larger sensor, a larger lens, better control over autofocus and exposure, interchangeable lenses or at least a zoom lens, a larger battery, a flash that really works, a viewfinder, a tripod socket, a dedicated shutter release button, perhaps buttons to control the rest of the camera features so you could do it without looking at them…

Why are we not just using a camera for this, again?


proud owner of my Nokia Lumia 1020 used like that:

Well, shit…

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