Elon Musk couldn't beat Grand Theft Auto 5's first mission

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That’s a shame, he never got as far as the mission where you kill a social media CEO.


Bet he could have shot community activists though.

Like murder is surely a no problem proposition for him but he’ll need coppers to beat down, starve, and suffocate anyone who doesn’t like the multigenerational indentured worker contract that the majority on Mars will be on.

Before the revolution that is.


He already totally slipped up that one time when he wrecked his McLaren with himsef and Peter Thiel in it. They both walked away from it with barely a scratch.

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weird flex but ok


I don’t think i believe the “i don’t like doing crime” excuse. It’s probably as mundane as he bought it and just never got around to playing it and he’s giving a lame excuse for it instead.


The other option is he just really sucks at gaming.

This article critiques his Elden Ring build, supporting that.

It also shoots down the “I don’t do crime” excuse, since he plays Cyberpunk 2077.


“I’m not comfortable playing video games based on crime” is a valid position but it doesn’t explain why he would even start playing a game that has a felony right in its title.


I googled Elon Musk’s favourite game and the results were unsurprising.

It is a game called “Polytopia” which involves developing an empire and commiting genocide. He says it taught him that “empathy is not an asset”.

However, he can’t kill a drawing of a police officer.


Dock! Dock! Dock! Dock!

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Somehow the CEO of two massive corporations in the form of SpaceX and Tesla as well Twitter has the time to post replies to some random about video games.

I’m beginning to suspect Musk isn’t the x-dimensional chess genius, hands-on genius boss we’ve been told.


Gross. Though I suspect he already thought that, and just found something he thinks supports it.


The fact that this name is associated with such a game just pisses me off. The title could have been used for a game about something positive like developing a community around the needs of a variety of polyamorous individuals – finding meals that meets everyone’s dietary restrictions and taste preferences, building homes or multi-person dwellings that accommodate everyone’s physical limitations, etc. That is a Polytopia, not empire and genocide.

Doesn’t surprise me at all that something like that would be his favorite game, though.


It’s not that we can’t have nice things: it’s that assholes keep making sure the nice things are taken.

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I think the poly refers to polygons as the game uses a cutesy geometric art style. I don’t think the game itslef is horrible, sounds a bit like Civilisations or something like that, but Elon’s comments on it are.


It is, it’s a simple low-res Civ-like game.

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Sounds like somebody is making sure his posts support “The Blue” when he gets on “the orange” cabinet.


So he’s virtue signaling to the crowd who usually complain about virtue signalers, and I’m sure he’ll get a nice pat on the back for that. There’s at least one game he’s good at.


It seems completely plausible that someone with a prop gun from Cyberpunk: 2077 on his bedside table is too much of a shrinking violet to virtually disrespect the boys in blue.

Why does Elon hate NCPD?