Elvie - pelvic floor kegel exercise tracker


Clench or clench not, there is no try.


Kegels: The Force Awakens

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I thought we were past the era of needing euphemisms for sex toys…


I can see these “workout” records being part of the next iPhone hacking scandal.


Is there a similar exercise for men that would strengthen the core muscles?


Google “kegel for men” for more links.

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Wow, I totally deserve a lmgtfy for that. Thanks for the info.


Cue the soundtrack: “Prelude to a Goatse.cx”

Can the LV scores be automatically linked to online dating profiles?


I present the video for a similar Kickstarter without comment: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2091647642/skea-smart-kegel-exercise-aid

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My wife and her friend were joking the other day about a pilates instructor who was saying 'Great! Good job!" to the class while everyone was kegeling - “How does she know how my kegeling is going? I can just lay there and not do anything.”

So, I wonder if the app can pull in signals from multiple devices.

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Dont worry. Many things aren’t so evident as it seems to be with 20/20 hindsight. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The app itself probably not, but there should be a way to reverse-engineer the protocol (or sweettalk the vendor) and making a custom software. Or to mod the app to relay the sensor data via wifi to a central console.

That could be actually viable for e.g. medical rehab.

They already have this in the year 3000:


they lift and hold your core.

They “hold my core”?
So — if I don’t do those exercises my “core” will fall out?
Damn, better get on it then…

So… this is an exercise or “exercise” device?

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**is a kegel exercise tracker for woman female bodied people

Whatsa matter with the old-fashioned way of having a trusted partner count the reps?