Eminem as Max Headroom






This actually makes me miss Matt Frewer as Max Headroom.


Are you seriously giving airtime to this unabashed homophobe?! Bad on you, BoingBoing and David Peschovitz. Very very bad.


It’s like watching Stallone play a tough guy.


Pretty good track, IMO.


Pescovitz. No “h.”


I wonder if any Eminem fans have actually seen an episode of Max Headroom?

I also miss Blank Reg.


In [Rolling Stone][1] this month they write, “Eminem has performed with and befriended Elton John, endorsed gay marriage and repeatedly told interviewers that he doesn’t actually have any problem with gay people.” I don’t think “unabashed homophobe” is quite the right expression.


I LIKE it!

and yes, I am an Eminem fan, who used to watch Max Headroom :smile:


I saw Max Headroom open for Emerson, Lake and Powell in 1986 - much better than the band…


Is cyberpunk hip now?


Vanilla Ice would of been a better choice. He is already animated.


I’m an Eminem fan and I’ve seen every episode of the American Max Headroom and even bought his book way back where I discovered it was based on a British show sort of thing.

Also, Rap God is a fantastic song. The entire new album is pretty impressive and puts some excitement back into Eminem for me.


Yeah, Eminem is ok for the part (though my memories of Max Headroom from the 80s are somewhat conflated with Doonesbury’s Reagan-parody character Ron Headrest.) Not that many people would try it, but it seems to kind of work.


I don’t think it’s as much to acknowledge Eminem as it is to acknowledge the 80’s Max headroom reference.

On a similar note, (for those who don’t know) Selena Gomez('s handlers / music video producers) also referenced Max Headroom in her video ‘Love You Like a Love Song’:

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